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"From Tha Artivist With Love" delivers with hugs and kisses…

R2C2H2 proudly displays examples of his work. He holds a piece entitled "Growling Trumpet Man" and behind him from left are "Basin Street Blues," "St. John" and "One O'Clock Jump/Count Basie Stomp."

A Special to W.E. A.L.L. B.E.,

What the world needs now is love…Artivist style!!!

For those who were in attendance @ MO's Memphis Originals on 3521 Walker, they got treated to one of the best declarations of love and happiness by those true ambassadors of love, happiness, peace on earth and goodwill towards mankind, Tha Artivist and his Artastic friends!!!

"From Tha Artivist With Love" an art exhibition and talent showcase was a Lovtastic, Artastic, Blacktastic and Fantastic event meant to display the talents of some of the best and brightest in the Memphis community…This reception took place to also mark the opening exhibition of works by the prolific Artivist known as R2C2H2...In addition, the event also served as an opportunity to merge three of Tha Artivist's three biggest passions: his love of art, his love of music and his love of history in particular Black history…Given the day of the event (Valentine's Day) and the fact that it is Black History Month, Tha Artivist thought it was a great time to invite some of his musically inclined friends along for the journey to make it a truly memorable one thus living up to his previously stated passions and ideals…Also Tha Artivist's many personalities went along for the ride…That was definitely a crowded bus!!!

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From Louie With Love...

R2C2H2 of East Memphis gives his rendition of Louis Armstrong on his trumpet "Sweet Lorraine". In addition to music, guests at Mo's also enjoyed “From Tha Artivist With Love,” exhibit, which opened Feb. 14, as well as black history musings from R2C2H2.

To lead off the festivities Tha Artivist opened up the event singing and playing the love jazz ballad "All of Me" while doing his best Louis Armstrong impersonation…It caught the audience off guard, but was deemed a success by the rounds of applause and cheers it generated…Tha Artivist described the purpose of this funtastic event and his role as an Artivist…Check out Tha Artivist's MySpace page @

Mr. Hood's Opus
Tha Artivist was then followed by clarinet virtuoso and Havenview Middle School Band Director the talented and multifaceted Mr. Brandon Hood…He got the crowd in the mood by playing the right notes as well as a piece by the famed French modern impressionist composer DeBussy…Being that it was the ultimate day for love he also played some timeless pieces by the American master composer George Gershwin including "Embraceable You" and one of Tha Artivist's favorites "Somebody to Watch Over Me"…It is always a pleasure and a treat to hear Mr. Hood do his thing and I was very grateful that he was able to share his beautiful gifts with a receptive public…

Brandon Hood of Bartlett, R2C2H2 of East Memphis and Ashley Haralson of Whitehaven. All three serenaded during opening night for "Tha Artivist with Love" exhibit at Mo's Feb. 14. Hood, a band teacher for Havenview Middle School, played Gershwin tunes on the clarinet, Herd belted out a rendition of Louis Armstrong on his trumpet, and Haralson hit the high notes on Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You." All are buddies from Overton High School, Class of '98.

Check out Mr. Hood's MySpace page @
More Mr. Hood on W.E. A.L.L. B.E.:

The Lovely Ms. Ashley Elise Haralson Channels Minnie Ripperton From Beyond The Grave…

The next American Idol? Could be. Whitehaven resident Ashley Haralson hits every high note in Minnie Riperton's "Lovin' You" during opening night for Ron Herd's (aka R2C2H2) exhibit, "From Tha Artivist With Love," Feb. 14 at Mo's.

Following Mr. Hood was the lovely songstress extraordinaire known as Ms. Ashley Elise Haralson…She like Mr. Hood was also a talented classmate of Tha Artivist from the abundantly talent ladened Overton High School of Memphis…Tha Artivist haven't heard or seen this sister in almost in 10 years, but as they say good things come to those who wait and great things come to those who wait even longer…Ms. Ashley Elise Haralson definitely fulfilled the latter…The humble diva immediately fulfilled an enthusiastic audience member's eager request by launching into the seeming un-official theme song of Valentine's Day, the classic "My Funny Valentine" …To all of our amazement she did it without musical accompaniment with the exception being her angelic voice…It seemed like deja vu because fellow Artivist classmate and humble diva Ms. Laila Wright did the same song the same way in the same venue on July 29, 2006!!! Both being disciples of the late great Overton choir director Lulah Hedgeman, they surely did the legendary music teacher proud in their renditions…Ms. Haralson followed that tune up by doing the late great Minnie Ripperton's classic hit "Loving You"…A very brave selection indeed regardless of anyone's musical talents and experience…However she was able to pull it off because her vocal dexterity, phrasing and range was very exceptional and definitely this number and performance was a crowd favorite…Check out Ms. Ashley Elise Haralson's MySpace page @

'Edutaining' With Love…
Tha Artivist followed these wonderful and passionate performances by giving an "edutaining" (educational and entertaining) lecture on the cultural contributions that African Americans have made to Memphis and U.S. history…Summaries of what was said can best be seen and read by clicking on the following W.E. A.L.L. B.E. links:

Needless to say the crowd was thoroughly impressed and informed thus thoroughly "edutained"…It can be said that Tha Artivist is also an Artstorian (a historian who uses his/her creative gifts to preserve history) as well!!!

Tha Artivist also talked about Blues great Robert Johnson and did his own rendition of Robert Johnson's classic "Love in Vain" blues…Instead of slide guitar Tha Artivist used his trumpet "Sweet Lorraine" to articulate the Blues as well as his "schizophrenic" vocals!!! The crowd drunk that offering up like Rev. Jim Jones' Kool-Aid…

Tha Artivist appeals to the Young as well as those Young @ Heart!!!

R2C2H2 chats with Midtown residents Abby and Joshua Brollier during opening night for his exhibit, "From Tha Artivist With Love," Feb. 14 at Mo's.

Midtowners John and Judy Gibson spent Valentine's evening at Mo's Music and Art Café which featured the visual artistry, musical expertise and black history musings of East Memphis resident Ron Herd aka R2C2H2. The Gibsons enjoy attending events that pay tribute to Civil Rights issues.

Tha Artivist Explains His "ARTASTICNESS!!!" In Q And A Session...

Tha Artivist believes that he he answered all the questions thrown at him to the best of his abilities and also feels that he answered more questions in one night than Pres. Bush answered at all of his press conferences in all of his seven years in office!!!


Thank U Really Means I Love U!!!

Tha Artivist would like to thank the following people for making the event a success and believing in his "audacity of hope" causes:

1.)The beautiful and generous Nita B. of MO's Memphis Originals for the opportunity to showcase Tha Artivist's Artasticness and Blackliciousness…

2.)The beautiful, enthusiatic and loquacious Kim Brukardt for the publicity campaign as well as for the photos that made this article possible…

3.)WUMR Jazz Radio's "Focus on the Arts" program for letting Tha Artivist get his message of love out to the greater Memphis community…

4.)Tha Artivist's Mom for her constant support and encouragement…Couldn't ask for a better mother!!!

5.) Tha Artivist friends who are consummate professionals and made the event a memorable one: Mr. Brandon Hood and Ms. Ashley Elise Haralson…

6.) And everybody else who showed support for this project by showing and/or spreading the love by spreading the word…W.E. A.LL. B.E. Loving U For Life!!!

If you would like to be a part of something productive, positive and empowering please come join us for Tha Artivist's next adventure…W.E. A.L.L. B.E. waiting for U!!!

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