Friday, August 26, 2011

Tha Artivist Remembers Aaliyah...

 Aaliyah Dana Houghton
(Debut: January 16, 1979 – Farewell: August 25, 2001)
Celebrities Talk About Aaliyah (Including Beyonce, Monica, Ciara, Drake + more)

AALIYAH - It's Whatever - [WIDESCREEN HQ]  

Tha Artivist Remembers Aaliyah...
“Even Aaliyah couldn’t escape the allure…I can still recall where I was at and what I was doing when I heard or rather read the news, like when I first heard that Pac, Biggie & Lady Di died…It is a moment that defines a generation…By dying young it seems that she in effect cheated death by not becoming mediocre not from lack of talent but due to the nature of the beast which nurtures and then eats its young…The way she died will ensure her some remembrance ala Bessie Coleman, Buddy Holly & Otis Redding but will people decades from now recall her impact as an artist as so many of us in this generation had the blessing to witness in real time or rather when she was walking the earth?  Or will she become that footnote innovative transitional figure that paved the way for the successes of others only to soon be forgotten or marginalized after the last of our generation passes ala Lt. James Reese Europe, Florence Mills, Jimmie Lunceford, Louis Jordan and Johnny Ace?  There may have been better singers and better dancers but through sheer will and indomitable spirit Aaliyah Dana Haughton became one in a million. Rest In Soul Power.”~r2c2h2

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