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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News: We Remember Bro. Malcolm Shabazz, Still Our Shining Black Prince (1984-2013)

 W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News: We Remember Bro. Malcolm Lateef Shabazz, Still Our Shining Black Prince (10/8/1984-5/9/2013)

“If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”#MalcolmX

"The United States is the land of smoking mirrors and they're very good at what they do..." ~Hajj Malcolm El Shabazz #MalcolmShabazz

 "Too much violence. Not enough love. Too much hate. Not enough healing. He was a father, a leader, a family member, a survivor and a gentle spirit on a Godly mission. And I am broken! And this world is sick. RIP Hajj Malcolm El Shabazz " ~Sis. Shalishah Petey Franklin

 The Universe has me in awe and sad @ the same time...For some strange reason Malcolm X has been on my mind for the last 2 days...I went to 201 Poplar yesterday to file a crime report...As I entered one of the security guards at the metal detectors said as if calling out to the Universe to respond "Where are our Malcolms and Martins of today???" I said they exist but like the originals we do not support them properly while they are alive but I told him to hold his thoughts until I come back...

After I took care of business I had a sustained, enjoyable, and substantive conversation with him and his colleague, thankful that brothers like them still exist and have the openness to receive the ♥ and knowledge that I was imparting to them via the Universe...It lifted my spirit which has been at an low ebb recently...Then this morning I started to post Malcolm X quotes about the media on my FB for a reason I did not understand...I even read one of the quotes and spoke about Malcolm X on Pastor Noel Hutchinson's tv show today...Little did I know how to respond or was prepare to hear the tragic news that Hajj Malcolm El Shabazz, the grandson of Malcolm X, was killed during a robbery in Mexico...

My ♥ is heavy right now as I listen to Miles Davis' "It Never Entered My Mind" on repeat...Live Your Life Everybody & ♥ Hard...Rest In Soul Power Warrior...You have Earned Your Rest!!! ~Bro. Ron aka r2c2h2 tha artivist #R2c2h2Says 5/9/2013

He Called It: "Bro. Dick Gregory Unchained: 'Betty & Coretta' Decoded & Who Really Killed Dr. Betty Shabazz" (2/22/2013)

Watch Video:

Bro. Dick Gregory called it on my show back in February as to what they was planning to do to young Bro. Hajj Malcolm El Shabazz after the Betty & Coretta hit job I mean movie on the Lifetime network and the Feds detaining him from going to a film festival in Tehran, Iran earlier this year...He also talked about how young Malcolm did not kill his grandmother and was set up...Young Bro. Malcolm even liked the video on Youtube and subscribed to my channel leaving his contact info in the video comments section...I tried to reach out to him but never got a response but after reading on his FB page recently before his untimely death that his FB ACCOUNT MAY HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED my message may not have gotten through...HOWEVER HE DID POST THE VIDEO ON HIS OFFICIAL WEBSITE...Please listen for yourself and spread among your networks...One ♥!!! #HandsOffMalcolm #YouCan'tKillTheRevolution #WeAllBeIsRealBlackNews



W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Friend or Foe??? Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. On Malcolm Shabazz & JR Valrey
Malcolm Shabazz, JR Valrey (Cleveland Valrey, Jr.), & Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr. in Chicago.
Malcolm Shabazz & JR Valrey

Friend or Foe??? Down for the Cause or Just Because???  
 In this W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News Exclusive Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr., leader of the POCC (Prisoners of Conscience Committee) and the son of the late Black Liberation Icon Black Panther Party Chairman Fred Hampton ,Sr., responds to accusations of slander by defending his position that the journalist and activist JR Valrey, the former POCC Minister of Information and one time close friend of the late Malcolm Shabazz, is indeed a government agent provocateur...He also talks about the life and death of his comrade Hajj Malcolm El Shabazz and breaks down the counterinsurgency or COINTELPRO strategies and tactics that have historically and still does currently undermine The People's Liberation Movement...A Must Listen and share with your networks...One ♥!!!

Read Chairman Fred Hampton, Jr.'s  claim here:  
The Defection of (JR)/Cleveland Valrey Jr.

 Read JR Valrey's response:
My response to slander initiated by Fred Hampton Jr. and others online saying that I was involved in Malcolm’s assassination


W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Still Our Shining Black Prince: Malcolm Lateef Shabazz Tribute

Featuring folks who knew Malcolm Shabazz as well as those tied to his grandfather Malcolm X's legacy...
Dick Gregory
Roland Sheppard
Dr. Randy Short
Ossie Davis
And Bro. Malcolm Shabazz in his own words

***Also featuring music by United Front, Brothas Keepa, Min. Louis Farrakhan, and Rajae performing a special tribute song entitled "Malcolm Shabazz"***

 Listen To Show Now:

***Read the great tribute to Malcolm Lateef Shabazz by renowned sports writer and activist Dave Zirin:
The Tragically Brief Life and Cruel Death of Malcolm Shabazz

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