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My Thoughts On Our Re-Union & Some Pics

My Thoughts On Our Re-Union & Some Pics
By Bro. Ron aka r2c2h2 tha artivist, Overton High Class of '98, Memphis, TN

"Every parting gives a foretaste of death, every reunion a hint of the resurrection."
~Arthur Schopenhauer

I truly had a ball this past Labor Day weekend…The mini-15 Year High School Reunion was actually one of epic proportions for me…It was such a great way to already top off a great summer for me…I think sometimes we all tend to make the simple complex…There should have been more folks at our reunion…Reunions are really about the following: Checking in and seeing if you and everyone else is alive…Sometimes success in life simply means if you’re ass Is still breathing…In the end it doesn’t matter if you are bald, fine as wine or uglier than sin, rich, middle class, poor, have a worse than bad credit rating, filed for bankruptcy multiple times, house foreclosed, car repossessed, student loans defaulted, suspended driver’s license, got a gang of kids or no progeny at all, crazy, fat, un or underemployed, was a guy in high school but now a girl and vice versa, famous, infamous, unknown, happily married, bitterly divorced or chronically single…What matters is that we know you are still around getting back up and hanging in there when LIFE knocks you on your ass every now and then…Life is not fair but it is yours to make what you want of it!!!

We all should be about the business of turning life’s lemons into lemonade and shit into cuisine…Also we should all be treating every moment of life, the good, the bad, the ugly and the indifferent for the precious jewel that it is…We are the true alchemists of our individual and collective destines so make your life golden and worth it…I was hesitant about making a cameo appearance myself but I thank the Creator that my fears did not get the best of me…We must all always remember that our presence is what makes the present such a present…It was great seeing old friends as well as making new acquaintances with folks from high school who I never really ever gotten a chance to know or for them to know me…It may have taken us 15 years to have a meaningful conversation but it was worth the wait!!! You never know what life has in store and I look forward to writing the next chapter on these old and new relationships…

Also I was recently inspired by my dear cousin who went to her 55th High School Class Reunion the week before…She is 73 but looks like she is in her early 50s and she got her health and plenty of friends and fam who adore her which is true wealth…She was so happy to have been connecting with her classmates 55 years later it was as if she had only been out of high school for 10 years!!! I hope I am just as happy if not more so to connect with you all like that 45 years later too!!! Here are more documented evidence of the good times that were had and the new memories that were made…This is not the complete narrative just a sample and feel free to ‘tag’ or ‘untag’ yourself if you want in these pics…I Ain’t Mad @ Cha…My only regrets are that I wish I could have taken more pics and engaged more folks, I made myself available for such possibilities this past weekend and shall continue to do so and I hope everyone will do the same….I hope we don’t wait another 5 years to do this again…Life can be short and painful but also joyful too…So let’s all try to continue to make a joyous noise till the end…We Heart You All Madly!!! #RonHerdSays

Click On Link To View Pics Of The Reunion:


Below one of our classmates, Sis. Rita Le'on Washington, decided to do a vote on which of our fellow classmates embodied the following superlatives via our FB Group Page...Surprisingly I garner two superlatives, one short of a Triple Crown...Read For Yourself...The Best Is Yet To Come!!!

As Promised the winners of the the following superlatives are:
1. First person to show up to any reunion: MAURICE
2. Most likely to move out the country: SHERIESSE
3. Joined at the hip award: (2 people or more) AMBER & RONEFERITI
4. Most likely to end up a youtube star: RONALD (ME)
5. So random award: JONETTA
6. Most unique award: VICTOR
7. Most eligible bachelorette: STEPHANIE
8. Most eligible bachelor: TAVIAS
9. Most likely to win the apprentice: SYREETA
10. Class Hero: tie ERICA & ARLENE
11. Biggest party animal: RONALD (ME)
12. Most likely to end up on survivor: MICHAEL
13. Most changed: COURTENAY
14. Least changed: SHENEA
15. Most likely to end up like the Hangover: TREMAINE

These were the tallied votes. Thank you all for participating. You should know that these were created with many of the answers already in mind LOL!!! I love you all for real have a good laugh and a wonderful week!!!

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