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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: Harpo's Revenge: Willard Pugh Talks 'Color Purple,' Oprah & 'Hollywood'~12/25/2010

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: Harpo's Revenge: Willard Pugh Talks 'Color Purple,' Oprah & 'Hollywood'~12/25/2010


About The Guest & Show

Born June 16, 1959, in Memphis, TN, Willard E. Pugh is one of the most underrated and underutilized character actors of his generation.  You probably recognize his face in some of your favorite actors' favorite movies...Whether he is playing the seemingly emasculated yet likable Harpo in the classic The Color Purple, the nefariously comical and audacious record exec Trustus in CB4 or the bombastic, corrupt and audacious Mayor Kuzak of Detroit in the Robocop movie franchise, Bro. Willard proves time and time again in his invaluable sliver of time shared on the silver screen that it is the quality of the performance and not quantity of lines that wins over an audience and that separates the amateurs from the immortals.

In our nearly marathon conversation conducted on Christmas Day 2010, W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio discussed his rise from his humble beginnings in Memphis, TN, and into the stratosphere with the chance of the lifetime he got when he was picked to act in arguably one of the greatest African American themed films ever created with a tour de force ensemble cast, a cast which also featured a relative newcomer and a popular regional Chicago talk show host at that time, Oprah Winfrey.

Willard E. Pugh leaves no stones unturned and no bridges untorched in discussing the triumphs and disappointments of his career...The highs are really high while the lows are really low...He mercilessly offers with brilliant comedic timing and riveting social commentary, insight that Richard Pryor or a Chris Rock could enjoy, his thoughts on some very touchy and controversial subjects including...

* A scathing critique of the Hollywood Machine

* The real truth about the Oscars

*The disturbing things not shown on the The Color Purple 25th Anniversary Special produced by The
Oprah Show

*The Backlash from the African American Community concerning The Color Purple release and the short
term and long term consequences of that the backlash.

*The movie Precious

*Tyler Perry and his business practices

AND SO MUCH MORE!!!*The State of Black Hollywood 2010

*The history of Black entertainment in America

*Pres. Barack Obama

*His Dream Movie Project

And check out the filmography of this unsung acting legend...He got cred yo!!!

    1982 : Divided We Fall .... Runaway Slave
    1984 : Toy Soldiers .... Ace
    1985 : Moving Violations .... Jeff Roth
    1985 : The Hills Have Eyes Part II .... Foster
    1985 : Stand Alone .... Macombers
    1985 : The Color Purple .... Harpo
    1986 : Blue City .... Leroy
    1986 : Native Son .... Gus
    1987 : Amazon Women on the Moon .... Speaking Cop (segment "Video Date")
    1987 : Made in Heaven .... Guy Blanchard / Brian Dalton
    1988 : Traxx .... Deeter
    1990 : RoboCop 2 .... Mayor Kuzak
    1991 : Guyver .... Col. Castle
    1991 : A Rage in Harlem (A Rage in Harlem) .... Claude X
    1991 : Ambition .... Freddie
    1992 : Eddie Presley .... Nick
    1993 : CB4 .... Trustus
    1994 : Puppet Master 5: The Final Chapter .... Jason
    1995 : Under the Hula Moon .... Duane
    1997 : Air Force One .... White House Communications Officer
    1998 : High Freakquency .... Dale
    1998 : Progeny (Progeny) .... Eric Davidson
    1998 : Spoiler .... Bounty #2
    2000 : Today's Life .... The PR Man
    2000 : Up Against Amanda .... Officer Wharton
    2001 : The Big Leaf Tobacco Company .... Mr. Franklin
    2007 : Mil Mascaras vs. the Aztec Mummy
    2010 :Kings Of The Evening


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