Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Happy 89th Life Affirmation Day To The Late Great #MedgarWileyEvers!!! (7/2/1925-6/12/1963)

“I'm looking to be shot any time I step out of my car . . . If I die, it will be in a good cause. I've been fighting for America just as much as the soldiers in Vietnam.”

"You can kill a man but you can't kill an idea."

~Medgar Evers

Happy 89th Life Affirmation Day To The Late Great #MedgarWileyEvers!!! After the #FreedomSummer50 Conference & BEfore I Headed Back To Memphis I Made A Pilgrimage To The Home and Crucifixion Site Of This Great Man...It was such a spiritual and sobering experience for me...To know that I was walking up the same driveway that Bro. Medgar was martyred BEfore his family moved me so that words cannot justly describe...He was just 37 years old, not yet even really in his prime...It was so surreal occupying the space where the Evers Family knew as home for 8 years BEfore Tragedy struck...It is still in a residential neighborhood predominantly African American...I did not go inside BEcause it was locked but I did walk the premises to get an idea of what it must have BEen like living there...Although folks were out and about I did not talk to anyone concerning info about the home and its former residents: I did not want my perception of this sacred site tarnished by the bs of modern living and glory seeking...For me this was a meditation garden for Black Self-Actualization & Liberation...I & Thank Bro. Medgar For His Sacrifice!!! #R2c2h2Says 

P.S. Check Out The Pics Yall!!!

Daily Mantra That I Use & Placed On #MedgarEvers' Home Steps...I Hope Some Of Yall Can Use It!!!

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