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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: "The U.S. Army Raped & Murdered My Daughter: Justice For Pfc LaVena Johnson!!!" Dr. John Johnson (Father) Interview~2/04/2009

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: "The U.S. Army Raped & Murdered My Daughter: Justice For Pfc LaVena Johnson!!!"
Dr. John Johnson (Father) Interview~2/04/2009



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"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."
~Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Reportedly 1 Out Of 3 Women Are Sexually Assaulted & 1
Out Of 5 Men Are Sexually Assaulted In The U.S. Military

In May of 2005, LaVena Johnson was assigned to the 129 Corp Support Battalion
and deployed to service a tour in Balad, Iraq... On July 19, 2005, eight weeks after
being deployed to Iraq, she was mysteriously murdered at the age of 19, eight days shy of her twentieth birthday...She was the first woman soldier and the first Black woman soldier to die while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan...To this date, the cause of her death is still being questioned...

Although the U.S. Army officially ruled her death a suicide, the condition she was found in a contractor’s tent owned by military contractor giant Kellogg, Brown & Root (which was at that time a subsidiary of another military contractor giant, Halliburton) says otherwise…
The tent was partially set on fire which damaged LaVena ‘s hands and back…There was a blood trail outside the tent which suggests that her body was moved from another location…She was found with a broken nose (which was repaired with plastic surgery post-mortem), loose and knocked back teeth, bruises on her face and body, busted lips, a black eye and
teeth bite marks on her upper body and lacerations were found in her genital area…One of her shoulders was dislocated and her neck was broken as well…Also parts of her tongue, anus and vagina were also surgically removed post-mortem…

A corrosive liquid was also found in her vagina, maybe lye, which suggested that someone was trying to destroy DNA and the evidence of a brutal rape…When the body was received by the family her white military dress gloves were glued to her hand to cover up the third degree burns and broken bones…They say that LaVena Johnson at 5’ 1” tall and around 100 pounds committed suicide by putting a M-16 gun into her mouth…However, a small entry wound found on the left side of her head suggests that she was shot and killed by a 9mm handgun which is a much smaller gun…BTW she was right handed…

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