Sunday, May 20, 2018

Bro. Ron REcalls #MalcolmX90 LIFe Affirmation Day Celebration #FoREverMalcolm

#WEALLBETV: #MalcolmX's Daughters, Family, Friends & Admirers SINg Happy Birthday #StevieWonder Style To Bro. #MalcolmX

That TiME WHEn Bro. Ron WEnt To #Harlem To Celebrate #MalcolmX's 90th LIFe Affirmation Day IN THE Place WHERE THEy Took His LIFe IN Front Of His Family Mane:

Just Missed Sis. @IlyasahShabazz By A Nano-Second But I Was Able To Celebrate #Malcolm90 LIFe Affirmation Day @ THE Place WHERE HE Was AssassINated Yet His SpirIT Was REsurREcted (THE Audubon Ballroom) On May 19, 2015 IN NYC...IT Is Now Known As THE #ShabazzCenter, NaMEd IN Honor Of Him & His BE-YOU-TOO-FULL WIFe Sis. BEtty Shabazz Whose LIFe Affirmation Day Was Just Several Days Ago...I Knew That #MalcolmX Doppleganger I Saw On My Way To THE Event Was A Good OMEn!!! What Struck ME As INteREstINg Is THE Fact That THE AddREss For THE Venue Is 3940 Broadway: '39' Was Malcolm's Age WHEn HE Was KKKilled & '40' Is THE Age HE Would Have BEen Had HE Lived To May Of That Year SoME 50 Years Ago...Malcolm X Was Deep INto NuMErology & Very FascINated WITh THE NumBEr 7 (REsearch)...I PREsented 2 Daughters Of Bro. Malcolm X & Sis. BEtty(Sis. Gamilah Lumumba Shabazz & Sis. Malaak Shabazz) WITh THE 2015 W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Artivist LIFetiME AchieveMEnt Award For Both THEir FaTHEr's & MoTHEr's As WEll As Family's Contributions IN UsINg THEir CREative Genius & Dedicated Service To THE UplIFtMEnt & EmpoWErMEnt Of Hue-ManITy...THE Celebration Was SponsoREd By THE Source Magazine...The Place Was Packed WITh All Types Of CommUNITy Folks & Even CelebrITies...I Actually MEt Hip Hop Legend & An Artivist IN His Own Right THE GREat @TechImmortal Who Said HE Would BE WillINg To Do An INterview WITh #WEAllBE Soon...A Highlight For ME Was GettINg A Kiss On THE CHEek By THE BE-YOU-TOO-FULL Sis. Gamilah Lumumba Shabazz Who Was Also A Hip Hop Artist SpittIN That Hot Fiyah Black IN THE Day...So Don't SWEat THE Technique WITh US Cuz W.E. A.L.L. B.E. BE GettIN IT Done...MOOR TO COME!!! #R2c2h2Says #MalcolmLives

#FoREverMalcolm #CantKKKillREvolution #FamilyAffair #AudubonBlues #REsurREction #NeverForget #REalRoyalty #SHININGBLACKPRINCE


#WEALLBENEWS: You Can't KKKill A REal Black REvolutionary: Happy 93rd LIFe Affirmation Day Bro. #MalcolmX, OUR SHINING BLACK PRINCE!!!


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