Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Pudding Man Strikes Again…Why Cosby Is Right

Bill Cosby has hit pay dirt and controversy again…He Has managed to get B.L.I.S.S. (Black Liberal Intellectualized Suicide Society) of America in an lackluster uproar again…While speaking at the 2006 Commencement ceremonies at Spellman College Cosby told the all female graduates of the prestigious institution that it is time for them to push their underachieving Black male counterparts aside and assume complete control of Black Leadership of Black America…The fact that people are still talking about Bill Cosby's supposed attack on the Black Poor from two years ago (mind you that both instances of supposed improper verbage and insensitivity happened at predominantly Black institutions and events---The first at the NAACP gala commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Brown v Board decision in Washington D.C. in 2004---so it could be said that Cosby was airing dirty laundry among family not strangers) shows that Cosby's antics and words although not agreeable with political correctness still have a staying power and a cringe of bitter truthiness that many so-called leaders, pundits, and self-help gurus crave and envyBy using his hard earned celebrity status as a way to highlight America's self-destructive love affair with mediocrity and victim hood Cosby has helped to expose the all that glitters isn't gold underbelly of the American Dream Deferred…Cosby is helping to spark a much needed mainstream dialogue about race, class, and education in a still delusional and apathetic post-Hurricane Katrina countryIt is easy to hate the messenger and not embrace the message for many people have pointed out how flawed and failed a human being Cosby is when it comes to maintaining discipline in his own personal affairs…However, I say to you short sighted unagreeable self-righteous heathens that this is the perfect reason why Mr. Pudding man should be the one hawking the goods concerning these issues of personal responsibility and accountability…He's speaking from personal first hand experience on how it is and where we should be…If you don't know what I am referencing try reading your bible that's more reworked and re-mixed than a Biggie duets album…You will notice that the heroes who made for the best examples of exceptional courage and wisdom were scarred and flawed individuals who didn't let their past and ongoing shortcomings keep them from delivering the messageNoah was a drunk who got flooded every night…King David murdered another man in order to get with his wife and allegedly contracted a STD while on the run during his Psalms period… Before he became saved Paul was a hell-raising sociopath known as Saul a prolific murderer of Christians…How things would have been different if they only had access to Prozac,Alcoholics Anonymous. and the History Channel!!! Prevention is always worth more than the cure , but if it's too late to prevent than it is best to repent and so I say to Rev. Cosby keep the revival going!!!
Yours even if you don't have a clue,
The Outraged Negro
*Important: The views of the The Outraged Negro doesn't represent the views of all those affliated with W.E. A.L.L. B.E.*
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D. L. Hill said...

That opening piece of art on this page is glorious, Sir Ron!

Also, I hope you haven't resolved to stay away after opening up last week. I admire your courage, honesty, and sincerity.

I hung "Basin Street Blues" on one of the walls in my bedroom, and it adds just the right amount of life to the room.

As I was typing and looking back over my shoulder at the print, I realized how much I don't like framing art.

Anyway, I hope you're doing well. Weddings can do some interesting things to people...they're intoxicating, but live with no regrets. I ain't mad at you at all, my friend.

Lady Hill