Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why The True Smartest Amerikkkan Negro would need more than a fruitless endorsement from Laffy Taffy Smiley Face….

I always get a sickening feeling in hearing the Black media whipping boy known to me as Laffy Taffy Smiley Face and to the rest of yall as Tavis Smiley declare that Dr. Cornflake Mess (Dr. Cornel West) is the smartest Black man he knows…Even an intellectual lightweight like Laffy Taffy Smiley Face should know that such a comment doesn’t carry much weight…While Dr. Cornflake Mess with his water downed and soggy analysis of the waste(race) situation has allowed him to draw nice paychecks and the praises of people who tolerate a couple of smart house negroes at a time he still falls short in connecting with the folks that the Civil Rights Movement and the Amerikkkan government left behind on the rooftops of a flooded New Orleans…The Black folks living in poverty or the gutter class of the richest country in the world…To an unsophisticated negro like myself it would seem that in order to be considered the Smartest Amerikkkan Negro (S.A.N.) that it would help to have a plan to engage Black folks in general and poor Black folks and young Black people in particular in a mass movement to demolish not cooperate (as too many negroes are willing to do in order to live the materialistic and empty MTV music video and T.V. reality show known as the Amerikkkan Dream) with a system that sets out to create a permanent underclass that is poorly educated, criminally discriminated against, easily manipulated and full of people of color in order to create an economic and political windfall for a powerful few or Elite all in the name of capitalism or financial Darwinism…
Yours Truly Even If You Don't Like Me,
The Outraged Negro
*Important: The views of the The Outraged Negro doesn't represent the views of all those affliated with W.E. A.L.L. B.E.*
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