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4/22/2009 @ 8PM C.~W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News & Radio Special: American Gangster 2.0: The Missing Chapters...

Celebrating 2 Full Years In The Biz: Ain't No Stopping Us Now!!!

April 2009 Theme: Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied...
Air Date: Weds. April 22, 2009
Time: 8PM C/9PM E/6PM P
Call In Number: 646-652-4593

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TOPIC: American Gangster 2.0...The Missing Chapters

1st Hour
1.) On Black Caesars & Black Gangster Mavericks: The Legends & Legacies Of Frank Matthews & Teddy Roe...

Please join us live as we debunk the stereotypes, myths and misinformation concerning some of organized crime's most brilliant and effective criminal masterminds: The Black American Gangster...Specifically Frank Matthews & Teddy Roe...

*Video*Black Caesar: The Rise & Disappearance Of Frank Matthews

Who Was Frank Matthews?,0218-7.htm

Who Was Teddy Roe?,0907-7.htm

Featured Guests...

Renowned Organized Crime Historian & True Crime Author Bro. Ron Chepesiuk

Ron Chepesiuk ( is a South Carolina based journalist and Fulbright Scholar. He is the author 22 books and more than 3,500 articles. Gangsters of Harlem ( was published in January 2007.

Acclaimed Filmmaker Bro. Anthony Gonzalez of Street Certified Entertainment

About Bro. Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez has yet to graduate from film school, yet he’s determined to put himself in the league of some of the best filmmakers of our time. Anthony Gonzalez has possessed a passion for the big screen since 12 years of age.

Born in the South Bronx 35 years ago, his life took a different path than most young aspiring filmmakers. Neighborhood drug dealers intrigued Anthony, which has inspired the creation of some of his documentaries.

Influenced by the likes of Robert Rodriquez, Quentin Tarrantino and Spike Lee, he knew it was time to live out his real passion and bring his dreams to life. Self-taught, Anthony partnered with child-hood friend Troy Reed and co-produced a documentary that was presented to HBO’s Urban Film Festival. This lead to them winning the 2003 Urban Film Festival Award for Best Documentary with their DVD, “Larry Davis Story”.

Although they went their separate ways, Anthony’s drive and hunger is just as apparent now as it was when he first started. He created Street Certified Distribution, becoming the top DVD distributor in the industry for urban movies. He admires both Jay-Z and 50 CENT, because of their strategic moves, street knowledge and business savvy. Anthony operates in a similar fashion and has managed to teach himself most film techniques just from watching others in that field.

With one year of film school from NYU under his belt, Anthony is striving to continue molding his craft.


* Bro. Ron & Bro. Anthony are consultants for the hit History Channel television program "Gangland"


2nd Hour
2.) A W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio Throwback Remix Classic~The Daughter Of The American Gangster: Sis. Francine Lucas Sinclair Speaks...

Words From Francine Lucas-Sinclair:
I'm not a celebrity or anyone of big influence. However, my family's story has recently become a topic of interest for Hollywood. A film by the name of American Gangster was based on my father Frank Lucas' life ( I soon realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to try to shine the spotlight on the issue of children of prisoners. I'm hoping that by sharing my personal story, which I held very secret for thirty years, I can draw the attention of people with influence who can help move our cause forward. I invite anyone to help in any way that they can. For my part I'll continue to speak around the country, work to use my dad's publicity to raise the visibility of the children, and work on this website so that it becomes a truly comprehensive and useful information source for the children, caregivers and the general public.

Visit Francine Lucas-Sinclair's Official Website:

Also Check Out The Recent Glamour Magazine Article Featuring Francine's Story:

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