Friday, April 24, 2009


FYI~I got this e-mail from W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Friend & American Civil Rights Movement Legend Dr. Gene Young....

One of the Most notable permanent fixtures in Every Black Household (back in the days), was the Ebony, and Jet Magazine. If you wanted to learn about your history, the plight of Black America, current issues facing Black Americans, how the Political Process of America affects you, how Politics works, who the hottest actors were, what time a particular Black Television show aired, who got married recently, who were the most eligible Bachelors, and Bachelorettes in your town, what Cities had Black Mayors, Police Chiefs, School Superintendents, how to Register to Vote, what cars offer the best value for the buck, who employed Black Americans, how to apply for College Scholarships, etc.More Than Likely, Ebony or Jet Magazine could help you find answers to those questions.

We have recently been informed that the Johnson Publishing Company Organization is currently going through a financial crisis. The company is attempting a reorganization in order to survive. Many people have already lost their jobs with a company that has employed thousands of Black Americans during the course of its existence. In order to support this effort to save Our magazine, my friends and myself have pledged to get a subscription to both, Ebony, and Jet magazine, starting with one year. We are urging every other club member who comes across this plea, to do the same. Please post, re-post, and post again, to any Blog that you may own, or support.

Please email this to Every person that you know, regardless of their background. Let them know that Ebony, and Jet magazine has been part of the Black American culture for 3 quarters of a century, and that there is a lot that they can learn about Black American culture from reading them.

We are currently discussing the idea of throwing an Ebony/Jet Party, where people can eat, drink, and sign up for their Subscription on the spot. Please spread this idea around to all that you know. Your Sororities, Fraternities, Lodges, VFW Posts, Churches, Civic Groups, Block Clubs, Caps Meetings, Book Clubs, etc.

It would be a crying shame, to lose our Historic Magazine, during the same year of such an Historic Event as the Election of our First Black President of the United States.

Gene Young, Emma Brown, Curtis King @ 1971 Chicago Reception with John H. Johnson and Lerone Bennett, Jr.

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Anonymous said...

We are going thru a crises in america,and most african americans are having a hard time.Its amazing that we dont have programs and safety nets like the jewish community has. We should create our own help centers in each state.These help center should provide funds to help our community with mortgages,businesses,health care,job training and other needs. Until we set up and support programs as this we will continue to lose our best organizations.