Monday, June 21, 2010

Curtis Flowers Sentenced To Die

 Curtis Flowers Sentenced To Die
Alan Bean, Friends of Justice
Curtis Flowers has been sentenced to die by lethal injection.

The moment the jury was seated, a conviction was a foregone conclusion. Over the years, Winona has woven a guilt-narrative around Curtis Flowers. White Winona sees Curtis Flowers as a cold-hearted killer, nothing more. Black people who know the good-natured shake their heads in bewilderment when they hear white folks talk about him. The Curtis of popular white imagination does not exist.

The jurors seated for the sixth Curtis Flowers trial could have rendered a guilty verdict without hearing a word of testimony–they already knew the story as well as the folks commenting on the Friends of Justice website.

The next phase of the process is a justice struggle that could take years. But the case against Curtis is too weak to stand. Exposed to proper scrutiny, it will crumble to dust. Most of the thousands of people currently reading this website every day will lose interest. That’s natural. But the quest for justice will continue nonetheless. I am asking you to join us in this quest. We deeply appreciate the support you have shown over the last two weeks. Lydia and Alan Bean will be returning to Texas later today after speaking to a group of civil rights veterans in Neshoba County and will have more to say about the Flowers trial in the days to come

 ***W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News & Radio Special: The Persecution Of Curtis Flowers***

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Bean, you are spewing nothing but racial hatred. You, Sir, are the one making this case about race, not "white Winona" as you call it. Appearantly though, even you realize that you have no factual argument against the abundance of evidence presented and therefore you have nothing more to blame the numerous convictions on rather than racial issues. This conviction will stand and Mr. Flowers will finally be held accountable for his actions. And for you to state that a oonviction was a foregone conclusion once the jury was seated is an extremely racist statement. By your logic, a white person is incapable of being a fair and impartial juror when a black person stands accused. Has it ever occurred to you that the man has been convicted numerous times because he is actually guilty? But that isn't sensational enough to keep the donations flowing in to your organization, though, now is it? So no, you'll continue to report only those facts which slant the matter the way you want it to be slanted rather than just reporting the facts and allowing people to decide for themselves. Why is that? In my opinion, it is because once the straight facts are laid out it becomes obvious that the man is guilty beyond reasonable doubt.