Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On Tupac's Birthday, The Rapper's Legacy Grows Larger In Death

On Tupac's Birthday, The Rapper's Legacy Grows Larger In Death

June 16, 12:09 PM · Michael Langston Moore - African American Entertainment Examiner
Today is Tupac Shakur's birthday, an otherwise typical Wednesday that would've turned the rapper 39-years-old.  Shakur would never see 29 let alone 39, however, as he was gunned down in 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Still, like many talented artists taken in their prime, he lives on greater in death than in life.  Cars still roll down the street bumping "Keep Ya Head Up" and "California Love."  Fans still don oversized T-shirts with 'Pac's face emblazoned on the front.  And Shakur's name continues to still be referenced in songs by a variety of rappers, from prominent MC's like Kanye West and Eminem to lesser known underground artists.

That's not all, however.  Director Antione Fuqua hopes to present Tupac Shakur's story to an entirely new generation of rap fans.  The auteur of "Training Day" and "Brooklyn's Finest" is working on a biopic on the beloved west coast rapper.

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Marking Tupac's birthday, Madame Tussads has decided to temporarily place the wax figures of Biggie Smalls and Tupac Shakur together at its Washington D.C. museum.  The B.I.G. figure is on loan from the New York museum, while the Tupac figure has been borrowed from Tussads' Las Vegas exhibition.

Treach, a long-time friend of Tupac and MC of Naughty by Nature, recently remembered Shakur, as well. In an MTV News interview, Treach gave fans a sneak peek into the mind of Tupac.

"We spoke many a time, and he was like, 'I don't see myself growing old,' " Treach told MTV News' Sway on Tuesday.

"'Pac couldn't sit down for five minutes," Treach continued. "He was always going, 'Yeah, everything good, good, good.' When you listen to him and you see his demeanor, he was more or less, like, on watch. He had a deadline. He was working at a pace, like, 'Where you going? You going on vacation? You going to jail? You doing sh-- like you tryna finish everything right now and cover stuff.' You couldn't find him half the time; he was gone. He had a plan."

Treach on Tupac's long-term goal: "Ultimately, he wanted to get the thugs all behind him — his thug nation, his thug life — and take them to the next level ... unified, building up the community, reinvesting in the community, in the people."

Tupac is gone but clearly not forgotten.  He's currently considered one of the greatest MC's of all time, and many fans compare the talents of current hip-hop artists to the genius of Shakur.
Not only is his legacy secure, it grows stronger by the day.

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