Monday, August 09, 2010

Former World Karate/Kickboxing Champ 'Dropkicks' Herenton After Defeat...

Dear Dr. Herenton:
In 1991 I worked hard to get you into office; in 2010 I worked the hardest to keep you out of office. In my life the worst that I have ever been treated is the way you allowed your best friend Michael Gray to unjustly and unethically abuse my family and my workers. My kind Ethiopian wife who cooked greens, served food and who knocked on doors for you in your 2007 reelection Mayoral campaign when you visited our home; my wife cried tears and she lost faith in America when she asked me; “how could Dr. Herenton treat us so mean.” Dr. Herenton our family suffered while you and Michael Gray had it made making over 100,000.00 guaranteed salaries having lunch everyday at the Piccadilly Restaurant while my lights was cut off at my store and I was struggling, I never asked you for a favor, I just wanted the abuse to stop and be treated fair. You allowed this man to abuse me who has been nothing but a friend and loyal supporter. 

Doc in 1992 when you were building your new home, the greatest honor that I could have had was serving you by putting carpet in your new home. Doc you gave the work to White people and never considered helping us who worked so hard for you. In 2008 when I talked to you over the phone and I had just did work for our mutual friend Cliff Dates I told you that we Black people were hurting and just give us a chance. Dr. Herenton you used Kiser Flooring the Jewish company to carpet your entire subdivision while never allowing us Black people a fair chance. Dr. Herenton the 2010 Disparity study was clear; the City of Memphis discriminated against Black Businesses. Unlike Maynard Jackson in Atlanta Dr. Herenton you neglected us Black businesses and you never fought for us. 

Dr. Herenton I begged you to help our people and would you please use your position to help our family in Africa. Dr. Herenton I begged you to simply visit your family in Africa and please give them the joy of seeing one of their own who had reached success. Dr. Herenton it broke my heart that you made Africa a joke. Congressman Cohen has been the best and he joined the “African Partnership and Economic Growth Caucus” and he visited 4 African countries. This March of 2010 he arranged for me to meet with Ambassadors of Ghana, Ethiopia and Kenya. The ideas that I begged you to consider this White and Jewish Congressman agreed. Dr. Herenton while you laughed at the African Tuxedo that I designed for you, the White House accepted. 

Dr. Herenton I do not believe that you would be the best to serve Black people. On July 10, 2010 when we met at the Orange Mound Community Center and you said; “I was still your brother.” Dr. Herenton you are still my brother and I love you and I have a message for you. Dr. Herenton please visit your family in Africa, I think that you are a Massai. I know that if you visit Kenya they will have a parade for you and they will cry tears because you came home and you did not forget them. When you see the love that they will give you, you will realize that you lost something in Memphis or perhaps you never had it. Dr. Herenton you lost or perhaps you do not have a pure heart. Black people revolted against you and you lost the hearts of people. I was your friend and you allowed me to be abused by your best friend I thought that you had lost a true sense of humanity and I thought that you were a fake as your action demonstrated by never assisting us Black businesses. In 2011 I plan to take a group to Kenya we are brothers, I read where you will go to a beach; my brother Mombassa, Kenya has the best beach in the world. Lets work together.. Amp

About Anthony "Amp" Elmore
The prestigious Memphis Magazine one listed Anthony “Amp” Elmore as one of the most 100 influential Memphians. Many know Anthony as the 5 time World Karate/Kickboxing Champion who is the first to bring E.S.P.N. Cable television to Memphis. Anthony has been known nationally and internationally. Anthony wrote, produced, directed and starred in a nationally distributed film “Iron Thunder.”

Anthony grew up the carpeting business working with his later father William Frank Elmore Sr. who held the distinction of installing carpeting in the first Holiday Inn hotel in Memphis. Anthony worked with his father and as a youth he open his own installation business and landed a contract doing work for retail giant Sears.

In 1982 Anthony became a World champion Kickboxer and at that time he got out of the carpeting business. In 1992 Anthony re-entered the carpeting business and opened his store at the current location at 3045 Southern Avenue in Memphis, Tennessee. Anthony' s company has installed carpet and flooring in some of the finest homes, businesses and offices in Memphis and in the Memphis area.

Recently Anthony expanded the business to Elmore Carpets and African Imports. The company not only engage in flooring but the company also now does decorating that include furniture and draperies. In the Summer of 2006 Anthony married Ethiopian Bogalech Akerberegn Elmore.

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