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MAKE IT VIRAL: “Windy City Police State Blues: A Major Christopher Bonds Story" 7/21/2013

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: “Windy City Police State Blues: A Major Christopher Bonds Story" 7/21/2013

What Happened???

MAJOR Christopher Bonds is a 24 year Army Officer and
Operation Enduring/Iraqi Freedom/New Dawn Veteran that
was wrongfully arrested and maliciously prosecuted on June 28,
2008 by the Chicago Police Department for a crime he did not

MAJOR Bonds endured over 20 hours of Police torture while in
custody (from June 28-29, 2008) by the Chicago Police
Department. He was:
1) Denied water and restroom privileges for over 8 hours.
2) Handcuffed to a ring on a wall for over 8 hours.
3) Denied any food for over 19 ½ hours.
4) Questioned by a Detective without the presence of his
5) Maliciously prosecuted his case without probable cause (and
did so).
6) Not allowed to make a statement to the Chicago Police or
the State's Attorney (after the arrest).

MAJOR Bonds was arrested on allegations of aggravated
assault on June 28th, 2008. The plaintiff was his wife’s 94 year
old Aunt. Both MAJOR Bonds and his wife had been the primary
care providers for her Aunt since 2003.

His wife’s Aunt was diagnosed with Dementia of the Alzheimer's type in

Prior to being arrested in 2008, MAJOR Bonds had absolutely no prior
criminal history, arrest, trouble with the law, not even a speeding ticket.

The investigation of all evidence and witnesses confirmed that no crime:
Assault, Battery, Abuse or Physical Harm in any way was ever done to his
wife’s Aunt by MAJOR Bonds (As previously stated in the formal complaint).

Even after his wife’s Aunt admitted to the Chicago Police that MAJOR
Bonds never physically harmed her, and two Chicago Paramedics examined
her and found no injuries, MAJOR Bonds was still arrested and maliciously
prosecuted (See story by Mary Mitchell, Chicago Sun-Times, and Aug 20,

The Cook County State's Attorney dismissed this case against MAJOR Bonds
on Nov 17, 2008, but refused to Expunge his record even though no crime
or conviction had ever occurred.

The goal was to make a public example out of MAJOR Bonds, an innocent
Citizen Soldier, husband and father by withholding evidence, investigation
misconduct and violation of his Civil Rights.

Even in the face of this injustice, MAJOR Bonds still deployed with his unit (Army) to
Kuwait/Iraq in 2010, (receiving the Army Meritorious Service Medal/Award), putting his
life on the line in harm’s way to protect the Freedom/Liberties of all Americans; even
the corrupt Chicago Police and the Cook County State’s Attorney that wrongfully arrested

Please take a stand and in fighting these Gross Injustices by demanding the Cook
County State's Attorney Expunge and Seal the Record of MAJOR Christopher Bonds.

I was arrested on allegations of aggravated assault on June 28th, 2008. The plaintiff is
my 94 year old Aunt. My wife (Mrs. Zephye Bonds) and I had been the primary care
providers for her over the last 8 years.

At the beginning of 2008, my Aunt was diagnosed with Dementia of the Alzheimer's
type. The Physician Report from her Physician, (March 13, 2008) Dr. Bial documented
that Mrs. Susie Smith (Patient):

1) Patient has mild to moderate Dementia (Probably Alzheimer’s).
2) Patient has very poor short-term memory and impaired judgment and insight.
3) Patient does not remember the discussions from one visit to the next.
4) Patient is not able to follow directions or advice.
5) Patient does not remember to take her medications correctly.
6) Patient has been taken advantage of financially by strangers asking for money.
7) Patient is totally incapable of making personal and financial decisions.
8) Patient needs 24-hour assistance

I have served this great Nation as an Army Officer for over 24 years. I recently deployed
to Kuwait/Iraq putting my life on the line, serving my Country and protecting the Rights
of all, even the Chicago Police/Cook County State's Attorney that violated my Civil Rights
and treated me like an animal.

Would you consider doing a story or interview
on the injustice that I suffered?

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