Tuesday, July 08, 2008

"Houston We Have A Problem" By Maestro Tom Jones...


By Maestro Tom J. Jones
© 6 July 2008
Houston, Texas USA

The name, “Joe Horn” has set this city, this county, this nation a-buzzing! An unknown entity a few months ago; now a “house hold” name recognized around the nation because he decided he would become police, judge, jury and executioner in three fatal shots to the backs of two Black men! “Way to go Joe!!!” You have just become the symbol, the poster boy for “TEXAS VALUES!” These two words for me have always spelled racist, bigot, red necks, lynch mobs, murderers!

Wake up Black People and all you people of good will who are equally outraged by a system that is infested to the core with “Joe Horn Clones” that would release a double pre-meditated murderer back to the streets to kill again and again when he looks outside his window and sees a Black man or woman delivering mail or fliers house to house! This was not about protecting the property of a neighbor whom you barely knew, Joe Horn; but getting rid of some folks you considered scum bags and worthless!

Wake up people, Joe is not only in Pasadena; he’s all over Texas, from the state capitol to city hall! Did you check out the Fourth of July celebration in downtown Houston? Can you name one African-American artist, Mexican-American, Asian-American, any minority or political figure who paid tribute to the birth of AMERICA during this spectacular event, “CHEVY’S FREEDOM OVER TEXAS?” It seems to me that the only people in Houston, Texas who are FREE are White-Anglo-Saxon people!!! This event was a testimonial to “The Joe Horns” of America! This event said to me, Blacks, Browns, Yellows are not free yet in this America and that they will continually be looked at as second class CITIZENS! When will the elected officials of this city, county, state and nation stop allowing bigots, “Joe Horns,” divisive people, to control the attitude, images and perceptions of our cities, states and nation?

I submit to all of you my Houston Comrades, that until we stand together for inclusion in all facets of our community, city, state and national lives; we will systematically be wiped out, one by one; or should I say, two by two! “Joe Horn” took out two with a shotgun! Chevy’s Freedom Over Texas took out, by exclusion, hundreds of thousands!!!

“One Nation Under God Indivisible With Liberty And Justice For ALL!!!

“Make Us ONE Lord; Make Us One
In The Spirit Of Love Make Us One! Starting Here Today; Starting Here And Now; Starting With You And Me, Master Make Us ONE!”

For The Oneness of America!
Maestro Tom J. Jones

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