Thursday, July 10, 2008

"The New Joker" John McCain...Paradise Gray Reports...

"McCain lunches in the Strip" is the headline of today's lead story in the Pittsburgh post Gazette. The report then launches into idol chatter about the cheese steaks that John McCain and his wife ordered at Pittsburgh's famous Primanti Bros. restaurant.

The Primanti cheese steaks were still on the grill when John McCain put his foot in his mouth with another patented Freudian slip, proving once again that when it comes to tasteless jokes Mr. McCain is truly "out to lunch".

Jokes about Iran haven't gone too well for the presumptive republican candidate for president, but that did not stop John McCain from dipping into the dry humor well that produced the infamous "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran":

According to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review: "He was asked for his reaction to an Associated Press report that $158 million in cigarettes had been shipped from the United States to Iran during President George W. Bush's term. This despite restrictions on U.S. exports there. "Maybe that's a way of killing them," McCain kidded, drawing laughs from the crowd of journalists. A poke in the back from Cindy McCain preceded his quick clarification: "I meant that as a joke"

"Many a truth is said in jest", I for one do not find John "I Hate The Gooks" McCain's jokes about killing people funny at all. Any person who is running for the job that comes with access to "the red button" should watch what they say and be a person with a cool temper, not a maniacal, warmongering Joker.

With John McCain, I fear that the joke is on us.

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