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3/25/2009~W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio~Ending March Madness In Clarity & Sanity: A Rayna Dubose Story

Celebrating 2 Full Years In The Biz: Ain't No Stopping Us Now!!!

March 2009 Theme: For Us, The Living...
Air Date: Weds. March 25, 2009
Time: 8PM C/9PM E/6PM P

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"Courage comes in many packages. Some really big. Some quite small. But the courage to Love and the courage to Live Is the greatest of them all. Rayna DuBose is a poster girl for courage in all sizes."
Nikki Giovanni - Poet/Professor

"Meet Rayna Dubose...listen to her story...and you too will be inspired to do things you thought you couldn't do. Rayna is an inspiration to us all and is living proof that a positive attitude is a magnet for positive results."
Beth Dunkenburger - Head Women's Basketball Coach, Virginia Tech

Welcome To Winning The Game of Life

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What started as a dream in 2001 quickly turned into a disaster for Rayna Dubose, a highly recruited student who was granted a full athletic scholarship to play Division I Women’s Basketball at Virginia Tech.

Rayna entered Virginia Tech in 2001 as a part of the women’s team which was in the Big East Conference at the time. By the time April 2002 had approached, Rayna was struck with a deadly bacterial disease known as menigcoccal meningitis, which then led to 96 days in the UVA Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia, with collapsed organs, non-functioning kidneys which had her on dialysis, in a coma, liver problems and worst of all no blood circulation to her hands. She was a vegetable fighting for her life. Soon enough the day came when all four of her limbs were amputated and she became a bi-lateral amputee.

After the pain, therapy and what seemed like torture, Rayna returned back to Virginia Tech in the summer of 2003 to return to her normal college life as if nothing had ever happened. With a year off from school in 2002 she still remained active, taking on-line classes and staying a part of the Virginia Tech Women’s Basketball team by serving as a Student Assistant Coach, still traveling and being a part of the team.

In 2003 she received the Most Courageous Award at the Men’s Final Four in New Orleans. In 2005 she received the Wilma Rudolph Award. Rayna has also made appearances on HBO Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, CBS Sports, the CBS Early Show and local news stations.

Rayna recently graduated from Virginia Tech with a degree in Consumer Studies and plans a career in motivational speaking about priorities in life, determination, perseverance and never giving up. She hopes that one day she can spread the smile that she wears everyday with others.

Video Clip: ”Standing Tall” from Real Sports with Bryant Gumble

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