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Update!!! The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword: Civil Rights Ignorance Runs Amuck

UPDATE!!! Civil Rights Ignorance Runs Amuck @ The National Civil Rights Museum...

“I began revolution with 82 men. If I had to do it again, I do it with 10 or 15 and absolute faith. It does not matter how small you are if you have faith and plan of action.”~Fidel Castro

“A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.”~Mohandas Gandhi

"In The End, We Will Remember Not The Words Of Our Enemies, But The Silence Of Our Friends."~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Greetings Family,
I just wanted to share with you all an update on the “Civil Rights Ignorance Runs Amuck @ The National Civil Rights Museum” letter I wrote last week…Never underestimate the power of one to initiate change by any means necessary…Everything adds up and everything counts when you fight the good fight and keep your eyes on the prize…This is just a small start of course but I wanted to share the good news and remind/tell everyone that all change and politics are local…Barack Obama had to become known in his community first before he was known to all of us… Remember that…

And finally never underestimate the power of the pen and the written word…Revolutions were/are started with words and ideas…Remember Bro. Thomas Paine & Common Sense; Remember Bro. David Walker & The Appeal; Remember Sis. Harriet Beecher Stowe & Uncle Tom’s Cabin…I have tried for several years to get in touch with these folks at the National Civil Rights Museum through phone calls and e-mails…All to no avail…However, it finally took a well intentioned letter, e-mail forwards (thanks to TN State Rep. Sis. Barbara Cooper) and some internet exposure to get the job done...Like Bro. Teddy Roosevelt said “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.”

So I urge you my fellow comrades to meet the challenge and be the change that you seek because we all need some change in mind, body & spirit...May the higher powers and the ancestors continue to bless us all bountifully as well as with purpose…Remember what you do is not for you, but it is for us, the living and the soon to be….

Your freedom loving & fighting comrade in this creative battle of wills,

Tha Artivist
Founder Of W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News

Within 24 hours of my letter being sent out I also received a phone call from the head of the tour guide training at the museum… He insured me that they are starting re-training/refresher workshops/courses for their tour guides as I write and send this letter…


Friday February 27, 2009

Hello Mr. Herd,

Your email note was forwarded to me as well as to the museum president. Thank you for writing to let us know about your experiences at the museum. Please accept our sincere apology for the quality of the tour you and your guests received.

I have met with our interpretive staff including the trainer(s) and together we have initiated an immediate refresher course with all guides. Customarily, the refresher course is offered once annually. However in light of your very significant experience, the course will now be offered every six months. Additionally, we will monitor and evaluate more closely the presentations with increased frequency.

The museum is fortunate to attract an amazing core group of interpreters who go through an intensive training period that includes practice and shadowed tours, public speaking instruction, class discussions, film screenings, customer service, quizzes including a final exam, and reading assignments.

We regret that you had two unsatisfactory experiences but are most grateful that you have brought this matter to our attention. You may be assured that future visits will meet our shared expectations.

Prior to your next visit, please give me a call so that I may come down and meet you. The next visit you make will be complimentary on us. Thank you again. BA

Barbara Andrews

Director of Education and Interpretation

National Civil Rights Museum


Thursday February 26, 2009

Mr. Ronald Herd II,

I received a copy of your email from State Representative Barbara Cooper and read with interest your email regarding

two tour experiences you had at the Museum. First of all, please allow me to apologize for any misinformation

you may have received while here on tour. There is clearly no excuse for what happened and I can assure you

that we have an internal review underway to determine exactly who you are referencing in both instances.

Please be assured we have an extensive training process that guides go through. I don’t know if this was a new

guide or one under the supervision of a more seasoned guide, but whatever the case, we will identify the people

referenced and the necessary actions will be taken to ensure that this does not recur.

I noted that your experiences occurred in November and December of 2008. Is there any reason you did not

Come forward to inform me sooner of your experiences??? It would have be great if you had let me know the

same day or soon thereafter so corrective action could have been more immediate. We hire people, train them,

they research and read other resources and we try to equip all staff for the jobs that they

do. All members of the staff are committed to providing accurate information through an engaging tour

experience and moreover to building a world class museum. However, I recognize, all of us are human and

as humans, we are fallible. Are we perfect? No. Do we strive to be? Yes. Sometimes we make the mark

and sometimes we miss, but if we know, we can certainly try to fix the problem.

I also noted that I was not copied on an email that referenced something that occurred at the National

Civil Rights Museum. I would appreciate it if you would call, email or speak with me directly about

Any experiences you may have at the Museum; good or bad. Hopefully, we have the same goals …

to deliver the very best experience…with the most accurate information possible to all those who visit.

I look forward to meeting and speaking with you.

Beverly Robertson
Executive Director Of The National Civil Rights Museum

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