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Urban Art Legend Michael Holman Plans To Bring In Da Noise & Awake The Collective Consciousness With Sound Rally: Noon, June 21, 2010...


Dear Family, Friends & Sound Rally For The Future® Heads,

Just three short days after I first launched Sound Rally into the world, we get international press! Art world journalist Adrian Dannatt wrote enthusiastically about S.R.F.T.F. (2nd page story) in The Art Newspaper (arguable, the world’s finest weekly art journal, and in it’s 2009 Armory Show Edition) so it’s being read by a good number of people, and good kinds of people, worldwide. And talented photographer Linda Covello took an excellent pix of me, handing out S.R.F.T.F. Manifestos, outside the Armory Show at Manhattan’s Pier 92, on the Hudson River, which The Art Newspaper printed with said story. And of course I’ve attached the article for your reading pleasure (go to page 2., right hand side).

Try to keep in mind, Sound Rally was a mere three days old, and already getting important press. Just yesterday morning, I forwarded the story with a press release to a number of major U.S. newspapers and magazines, to continue the flow. I’m seeing more and more that the real art behind S.R.F.T.F. is how we can all exploit the www. to make universal-sized statements. And I’d love it so much if you all tried to spread the word of Sound Rally For The Future® to your peeps. Whether it be emails, facebook, youtube, twitter, or whatever, please share this with people you know will feel it. I am working on a worldwide media blitz, but in the meantime, loose lips raise possibilities. By the way, Dr. Amy Marsh, a Bay Area clinical sexologist and artist/writer, has created a fab website for Sound Rally, temporarily housed on a free server called tripod (which means we have to run ads for the moment, but the ads they put on our site are sort of ironically funny!). Check it out at:
Also, I’d like to thank professional astrologer Patrice Kamins for doing a reading for Sound Rally (the idea of SR was born on August 19th,, 1981… how I know the exact date is a cool story for another press release) and she sees smooth sailing ahead. And one last shout out/thank you goes to Mindy Wyatt, owner of Rafik Video, who convinced me that the time for Sound Rally is now!

Besides hard work, I know Sound Rally is going to take a lot of good fortune and magic to pull off, but it seems the magic is already beginning.



© Linda Covello Photo 2009

Michael Holman: Armory Show, New York, March 2009. "I'm outside the Armory Show, handing out SR Manifesto flyers, making noise/music with Gray tracks, pier 92, 3/3/09, pix about to be published in The Art Newspaper..."

From The Art Newspaper, Armory edition:

Holman Brings In Da Noise

Who should be spotted lingering outside the Armory piers in anticipation of the grand opening but underground hip-hop legend Michael Holman, looking suitably Old Skool complete with boombox.

“I’m out here to promote my new project called Sound Rally For the Future® which is a global, mass act of humanity, making sound or noise for exactly one minute at noon, simultaneously across all global time zones, with the purpose of creating mass consciousness.” This ambitious conceptual scheme will actually take place for the first time next year, on 21 June, Summer Solstice of the year 2010, but Holman wants to be sure the whole art world will be ready to make as much racket as possible at the appointed hour. “Sound Rally For The Future® is simply the ringing and rattling of an ancient alarm clock, with pots and pans, music, prayer, shouts, by whatever means you choose. We will raise a cosmic cacophony.” And Holman sure knows what’s hip, he’s da man who took Malcolm McLaren up to the Bronx to discover breakdancing back in the dayz, so give the man a shout-out when you see him.

Or as he puts it “Be prepared for instantaneous evolution!”

Words To Build On: An education with a foundation in the arts can give the least and so-called powerless among us hope and purpose, said Michael Holman. (Photo by Warren Roseborough)

by Michael Holman, ©2008

Sound Rally For the Future® is a global, Mass Act of Humanity, making sound/noise for exactly one minute, at noon, Eastern Standard Time (U.S.), and simultaneously across all global time zones, with the purpose of creating Mass Consciousness. A Global Awakening of a long dormant Entity I call the “Unisapien.”®

Sound Rally For The Future® is simply the ringing and rattling of an ancient alarm clock, or, conscious human intention, to arouse our collective greatness from slumber. This is an act, not of alarm or irritation, but of self-discovery and realization. With pots and pans, music, prayer, shouts, quiet rustling or the dripping of water, by whatever means you choose - individually or collectively - we will raise a cosmic cacophony that will awaken and congeal our collective Soul.

Sound Rally For The Future® will happen for the first time, on the Summer Solstice of the year 2010, on the day June 21st, at noon EST, and simultaneously wherever you are on the planet, for the duration of one minute (Summer Solstice is traditionally a day of renewal; the day the sun shines longest in the sky, and a day to recognize the divinity in yourself as well as everyone else on Earth).

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