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Greetings all,

Mrs. Rasco just returned from visiting with Jamie and Gladys and wanted everyone
to have an update right away.  Jamie no longer has evidence of infection and the 
boils that were on her body have cleared up.  She is, however, still very weak and 
exhausted from her dialysis and at times during the visit was speaking while 
her eyes were closed.  She told her mother that she wants and needs a kidney 

Thanks to you supporters, Mrs. Rasco was able to get in to visit Gladys!
Mrs. Rasco said that Gladys was so happy to see her that she picked her up off
of the ground and kissed her, to the delight of everyone in the visiting room!  It
was truly a beautiful moment.  Gladys' daughter, Courtney, was at first denied
due to a claim that she was not on the visiting list.  Thanks to the efforts of Sondra 
Humphrey, Director of MS CURE, Courtney was able to finally visit her mother 
the following day for one hour.  Mrs. Rasco is very, very grateful for her

The Scott Sisters are still in need of pro bono legal representation and we are
asking for an individual, group or class to please help develop ideas for these
women's legal defense.  This is incredibly their 16th year on this outrageous
charge, the injury just grows each and every day that their lives are hijacked
in that place and their children and grandchildren suffer without them.

We also are seeking mainstream publicity in a very BIG way, please help by
sending out our press release to every major media outlet that you can, and help
to distribute our flyers at:
(Front of flyer) and (Back of flyer).

Please purchase t-shirts to help with fundraising efforts!!  We need folks
to wear them to help raise awareness as we need everyone to begin talking
about this case so that no one can say that they have not heard about it.
Visit and get yours today!

Additionally, both women said that they have practically exhausted their
commissary funds and anyone who wishes to donate to the women directly
may send donations via ,
register for Access Corrections and use each of their name and number to make your donation.
Jamie is #19197 and Gladys is #19142.

Ask Color of Change to feature the Scott Sisters at,
and also copy and paste in an e-mail to:  

Thank you!  More updates will come soon!

Please continue to advocate on behalf of Jamie and Gladys Scott, their children and families need for them to return home alive, the time is NOW!

Attorney General Eric Holder
U.S. Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001
HOTLINE:  202-353-1555
PHONE: 202-514-2000
202-307-6777 fax

Christopher Epps
723 North President Street
Jackson, MS 39202

Governor Haley Barbour
P.O. Box 139
Jackson, Mississippi 39205
1-877-405-0733 or 601-359-3150
Fax: 601-359-3741
(If you reach VM leave msgs, faxes, and please send letters)


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