Friday, July 09, 2010

"A Case Of Race II" July 17, 2010, 10am-2pm c @ University Of Memphis

If we wait until the last minute there may be no getting around the chaos that erupts when you are face to face with the kind of confusion that causes the carriage to turn into a pumpkin, and the steeds to become rats.  The whirlwind that Marcus warned about, what he said, would come, will happen in a short time. Those who have the power to see are those few who have the capacity to know, that, it is five (5) minutes Until midnight and that is why we can’t wait too.

Someone wrote and asked me why they should attend the "A Case of Race" workshop, Saturday, July 17th. Well the answer is I really would rather be doing some other form of facilitation on some other issues. Actually I would rather talk about the environment and the impact our carbon foot print is having. I'd like to talk about the history of civilization and how it is about to experience a collapse like never seen in history do to our refusal to address our use of fossil fuels.

I'd like to talk about how millions of people have projected their power onto Barack Obama, only to be set up for failure because no matter what he does he will not succeed, basically because he is too constrained by rules, regulations, policy and precedent to succeed.

However, I have one small problem. Somehow I am relative to people who think they are powerless and inferior though they don't know it. Yet, when prompted with the right questions they reveal it every time. They believe that their ancestors were slaves, that they named themselves black, that slaves were transported from Africa, and they send their babies to their enemy (public school) to be isolated and trained.

They keep deep hidden dark secrets about the molestation of their babies and tolerate the raping of their women. They co-sign the indoctrination of their children being prepared in first grade to enter the prison industrial complex to act as batteries for the construct. They think calling words is reading and when they are asked something as simple as what the letter A means, they repeat all kinds of ridiculous things. They love to invoke, "But that's just semantics," but have no idea of what semantics really is. Can you see the hurdles we must traverse? I know it's kind of pitiful, but these are the cards I was dealt. This is my passion.

No I don't want to be talking about someone's skin color. I have to if I am to get to where I really want to go.  If you want to also start the journey, you can start by coming the "A Case of Race II" workshop, Saturday, July 17th.  Register at http://caseofrace.eventbrite. com. I hope to see you there and pass this message on to a friend wanting to do the same.
- Al Lewis

Great news everyone!  "A Case of Race II" will be available for live streaming at    So please inform all of your out-of-town friends and family who want to experience this event, that they will be able to do so.  If you are on Facebook, we will also be working to bring the stream live from the "A Case of Race II" Event's Page.  Additional details of this will be available in the next few days.  More than 100 people have signed up for this event so far and we are very excited to continue this dialogue that began in April.  As always, pass this message on to others who are ready to take the red pill.  And don't forget to register for the workshop at:
http://caseofrace.eventbrite. com or on Facebook "Case of Race II" Events Page.

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