Tuesday, July 13, 2010

LeBron James & White Authority

LeBron James

LeBron James And White Authority

By Chief Elder Osiris

If The Divine Truth Hurt, Then Do Something To Stop The Pain!!!

Have you notice the paternal and master like attitude that come from the owner of the cavaliers and how such an attitude is reflected in some of the white underling in America society, revealing the spirit of Racism by the wealthy, and unjustified prejudice by the white underlings, they who take their cue from those who are the Racist element in America society?

There are many in America reacting to the Move that Lebron James made in revealing the ability to make decisions based upon the dictate of his own Mind, during last week occasion of Lebron revealing where he will play the next six years of professional Basketball.

Have you ever seen such overt expression of white people Racism from the wealthy and Unjustified Prejudice from the white underlings, over the fact that a Black Man would use his mind to have it to serve in his best interest and not be dictated by white authority of the Cleveland Cavaliers?

A Racist is someone and are Institutions that have great wealth and exercise control and domination over those who are dependent upon such wealthy source, and those sources of great wealth act in a selfish capacity and have the ability to enforce their will, desires, and orders, carried out in such a way that only serve to the wealthy interest and benefit.

Unjustified Prejudice is a premeditated and predetermined attitudinal behavior (SPIRIT) being expressed by the wealthy, individually and /or institutional, spreading false description of a target race for purpose to cause a low class status of a people in a society who are of a different phenotype.

The focus being primarily upon the pigment of the people being falsely defined and is described to be other than what Nature has designed them to be.

Such a false description has been made about Black people, in order to establish evil behavior to be acted out against Black people, spreading lies that Black is evil and inferior to white, based upon the opinion of those making false statements about Black people, without the evidence to support such a derogative claim about a set group of people and whom white folks are in control of and has the authority to dominate in that society.

Lebron James, by acting in the self interest of Lebron, has revealed what is no surprise to Black people, you who are guided by your own Divine Mind about America White Authority.

America, when it come to Black people, regardless of financial status, is considered continuously unto today, to be a Slave under the Authority of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, as acted out by White Authority who have tremendous influence over weak minds that make up America Society, as has been so displayed by America regarding Lebron decisive action..

Black people in America will always in the eyes of the wealthy, be a Slave, caused by the action and spirit of Racism and Unjustified Prejudice, regardless of political party and their polarized differences, be they Liberal or Conservative, Socialist or Capitalist, even those who claim to be America Constitutionalist, all wear the same America Cap, which is Racism, which is and to be practiced against Black people in America and White Wealthy Authority, such a behavior reveal the action acted and reflected by white people to be as a master of Black-Americans, treated to be a Slave in America.

The owner and the Racist News Media, concerning most all Black professionals in America, they have always been treating Lebron and all who are of similar status, or not, Rich or Poor, as being a Slave, and professional athletes serve to be no more than gladiators slaves entertaining White Americans, at the permission of their White Wealthy owners.

Because you must be able to see, all money is controlled by white people, and it is the wealthy that determine what is a Racist spirit, which is acted out against Black so call Afrikan People primarily and in this case such Racist reaction has been acted out toward Lebron but is constantly in actin toward Black People in America of all self imposed America affilliation.

The Black Unhyphenated American is the willing slave in America, and that include Lebron and all of his phenotype, which is what is causing the owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers owner to pitch such a tantrum as he did, and the white underlings who function under the influence of White Authority, they that have also been brainwashed by white authority, made to act toward Black people with unjustified prejudice.

The white underlings believing that they are acting by their own choice, but is really acting out the will of the White Racist in America, whose spirit effect all who have lost control of the Mind that guide the body and display the spirit that is acted out by the body, since the body is under the guidance of the Mind, it become in what quality is the Mind, is it Divine or is it Profane, Racism and Unjustified Prejudice reside in a profane Mind, a Mind that is not in Harmony, Order, And Balance, with Nature action, the Universe being Nature reflectin.

Lebron action of last week, verifies that which all thinking Black Folks in America should know, and that is, America and its financial intuitions of great wealth, is where Racism is born and practiced, and in so doing, it cultivate unjustified prejudice toward those which Racism is designed to mentally destroy, and such destruction have Black people believing in the illusion of equality in America and not in the pursuit of Freedom from America.

Lebron is liken to Reparation which without a doubt reveal that Racism in America is alive and active against Black people, and unjustified prejudice? Well that is an attribute of Racism, which is prevalent in America society.

So not until Reparation, Repatriation, it being the right to have and action to experience of and by Black people in America, we who are here by way of the Middle Passage, to become the next established state in Afrika, with our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation in our possession and not until then, will Race not be a factor to Black people in America.

Such is what we have to look forward to, while the action and reaction you see coming from white people of authority toward a Slave having the courage to act independent from the wishes and demand of White Wealthy Authority, be it in America or anywhere else Black people reside.

White Authority carry a parental attitude toward Black people, acting as if we are not capable of making independent decision for our lives, and when we do, we are treated as a disobedient child, acting as a Runaway slave from the plantation that Lucifer the Human Being has built.

Hypocrisy in America run rampant and unbridle, infecting all Black Unhyphenated Americans who are quick to ignore the evil that America practice against Black people and is always showing pity for America that is not in want of Black Folks pity, just Black Afrikan Unhyphenated Americans submission, using only the Mind and Religion of those who captured and Enslaved our Afrikan Ancestors.

As white America is reacting and actingtoward Lebron, it is that same quality of Mind being expressed toward All Black people in Americam unhyphenated Americans as well as against hyphenated Black Afrikans in America every day.

In America, Racism do have color bound and it is within the bound of our Blackness where the Black so call Afrikan Resided Yesterday and today and will be tomorrow.

Lebron James has caused to be revealed the covert Racism in America, which is now being overtly displayed, and it is White America in Authority that is the guilty party that has no respect for Black people and as long as our Enslaved Ancestors Reparation is not paid and situations as Lebron James has cause to happen, America will remain a Racist and Unjustified Prejudice, and Discriminating Society.

Be Kind To Your Self, Beloved.



Chief Elder

The First Way Institute Of Afrikan Mysticism

Author Of The Book: Divine Spirituality: Getting To Know The Real You

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