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A Now Post-Curtis Flowers Trial Thought: Keep The Families In Your Thoughts During Trial...

Keep The Families In Your Thoughts During Trial
by Amanda Sexton Editor and Publisher
Winona Times
06.17.10 - 03:57 pm
The sixth capital murder trial of Curtis Giovanni Flowers is underway at the Montgomery County Courthouse, and for the third time, I sit and listen to jury selection and witness testimony.

The brutal murders of four people in July 1996 remains the most significant criminal case in Montgomery County's history, and with three trials being overturned on appeal and two hung juries, the case has gotten plenty of attention.

In addition to the victims' families and the family of Flowers, the courtroom has been nearly filled most days with spectators and several media outlets. Over the years, I have met reporters from across the state from print and broadcast arenas, but this year, reporters from national networks have also taken an interest in the trial. In fact, a large New York City daily newspaper printed a story about the Flowers case prior to the start of trial.

Also, a human rights group from Texas has taken an interest in the Flowers' case, and several members of the non-profit group that "upholds due process for all Americans" are visiting Winona for the duration of the trial.

My hope is that, in the madness of media coverage that goes along with any high profile murder trial, the point of the matter is not lost. The court is seeking justice for four people who were murdered senselessly one summer morning, and prosecutors are seeking the conviction of the person who they feel is responsible for the murders.

The defense is working to counter the prosecution's case through cross-examination of the evidence and statements from witnesses to quash the prosecution's case and receive a verdict of not guilty.

This is a search for truth. This is a search for a conclusion after 14 years.

There is another aspect of this crime that is not offered during testimony. There are the indirect victims of this crime - the families.

The families of these victims sit in court dedicatedly. For 14 years, they have sat through now six trials, reliving the most horrible experience of their lives.

How could anyone move on from that?

On the other side of the case, the Flowers family has also endured 14 years of criminal proceeding. They sit in court, unsure about the future of their son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, or friend.

I hope that, regardless of opinion or stance about the details of the crime or the criminal procedure, everyone will be sensitive and respectful to the families in this case. I realize that in the daily grind of expert witnesses and motions, the human aspect of the trial can easily be overlooked. Let's hope that is not the case here.

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