Wednesday, March 09, 2011

LBJ Knocked Off JFK? The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 9 - The Guilty Men (2003)

The Men Who Killed Kennedy is a video documentary series by Nigel Turner that originally aired in 1988 in England with two one-hour segments about the John F. Kennedy assassination. The United States corporation, Arts & Entertainment Company, purchased the rights to the original two segments. Three one-hour segments were added in 1991. A sixth segment was added in 1995. Finally, three additional hourly segments were added by the History Channel in November 2003. 

The ninth segment, titled "The Guilty Men", directly implicated Lyndon B. Johnson. Within days, Johnson's widow, Lady Bird Johnson, more of his surviving associates, ex-President Jimmy Carter, and the lone, living Warren Commission commissioner and ex-President Gerald R. Ford immediately complained to the History Channel. They subsequently threatened legal action against Arts & Entertainment Company, owner of the History Channel. "The Guilty Men" segment was completely withdrawn by the History Channel. Also during the series, French prisoner Christian David named Lucien Sarti as one of three French criminals hired to carry out the assassination of Kennedy, when he was interviewed by author Anthony Summers. This claim is one of the most strongly investigated theories presented on the show.

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Judyth Vary Baker said...

Thank you for the courage to post these videos. Kennedy was deeply interested in exposing secrets in the government--true transparency. For many reasons he had to be eliminated, and the UFO
angle supports the idea that persons in high positions in the government had MULTIPLE reasons to allow Kennedy to die and to cover up the crime to save themselves from the wrath of the people. The Zapruder film, new emerging evidence that is ignored by Wikipedia biographers and others, and ;literally hundreds of witnesses, some new and important, tell the truth about Kennedy being shot in crossfire and how Lee Harvey Oswald actually attempted to save the President--which seems unbelievable, but so do UFO's to some people! The Zapruder film and five books demolish the idea that Oswald killed Kennedy.Two of those books are the favorite conspiracy books of Jesse Ventura. Everyone should read JFK & THE UNSPEAKABLE, BY JIM DOUGLASS and ME & LEE: HOW I CAME TO KNOW, LOVE AND LOSE LEE HARVEY OSWALD. Other recommended books: CROSSFIRE, by Jim Marrs, INSIDE THE ARRB by Douglas Horne, and DR> MARY'S MONKEY by Edward T. Haslam. Once your eyes are opened, ther only debate is how to bring the true killers and those in the government--some who are still alive---who obstructed justice--to admit their crimes and to exonerate the innocent Oswald. See for more information on Oswald's innocence.