Monday, March 14, 2011

Some Recent Podcasts/Internet Radio Shows On The Frederick Jermaine Carter Hanging Case.

Black Talk Radio Network: One Black Man's View

This is a powerful show about The Frederick Jermaine Carter Mississippi Hanging Update. Please practice direct action in this case. Bro. Scotty and his guest Chef Rob do a great, entertaining and thoughtful job in summing up the facts in the W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News press release concerning Frederick Jermaine Carter...Bro. Scotty is a consummate professional with insight and clarity that is among the best in the business...The case is covered in the early part of this 2 hour podcast.  Contact Gov. Barbour & The U.S. Department Of Justice and tell them you want the first autopsy results released a.s.a.p.! 


The Love Production Show's Recent Coverage Of The Frederick Jermaine Carter Case   

This is another show I thought was truly great. Sis. Nicky Love doe s a great job in presenting provocative issues where it seems that everybody in the community has a voice. This show had a great ensemble cast of characters which included The Nation of Islam's Bro. Abdullah Yasin Muhammad (the son of the honorable Elijah Muhammad), Sis. Valerie Hicks Powe, the Frederick Jermaine Carter family spokesperson and Shellia Ross, the aunt of Frederick Jermaine Carter...Frederick Jermaine Carter's uncle and a host of others called in as well...At some points it got really emotionally charged and overheated especially between Bro. Muhammad & Sis. Valerie Hicks Powe who actually hanged up during the heated exchange...Some other exchanges of note took place between Frederick Jermaine Carter's Uncle & others concerning GOD, religion and revolution...But overall I feel that invaluable and constructive  dialogue from different voices in the Black Diaspora was and is always needed when pursuing true justice for the people...So this nearly 3 hour marathon program is definitely worth a listen!

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***Breaking News: Frederick Jermaine Carter Hanging Update***

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