Monday, March 14, 2011

Tha Artivist's Thoughts In Revolutionary Time Part One

 Tha Artivist: Thoughts In Revolutionary Time Part One

I am great. Feeling revolutionary. Tis the season to reap the whirlwind coming...The universe is talking...People are finding their humanness AND PURPOSE...

Young folks are arriving and making their own conclusions
Elders are more vocal than ever...More scaredy ass folks are trembling in fear....
I feel it and acknowledge it…The moment that Frantz Fanon wrote about decades ago...
it's freedom time:

 "Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it."
— Frantz Fanon

It's already here...I am ready...Thank God...I am ready…They are one in the same,
to be revolutionary you must be active and create paradigm shifts and paradoxes...
It takes dedication and commitment...And the willingness to take risks...To confront (not always go in circles) the root of an issue...Harriet Tubman once said "never wound a snake kill it!"
It's time for alot of us activists to upgrade...To revolutionary status...
To paraphrase MLK “people need to build a dam of courage to hold back the flood of fear...”
Buck The System...Freedom exists on the outside of the cage not in it!

I am currently writing my manifesto IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED...LMAO...

It's coming...The phone calls and e-mails I have been receiving recently
are amazing, the folks I have been meeting recently are incredible...

And the kids are picking up too!
 It’s happening everywhere

Yes exactly...Revolutionaries don't start revolutions...Activists and protesters do!

Don't you know that the uprisings in Egypt were inspired by the Montgomery Bus Boycotts?

We made that happen!
And we will do it again!
People’s History On Repeat.

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