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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Homecoming: Jimmie Lunceford's Mississippi Blues Trail Marker Tribute

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Homecoming: Jimmie Lunceford's  Mississippi Blues Trail Marker Tribute

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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Weds. 6/22/2011 @ 9pm c/10pm e/7pm p*"Living Forever...It's Possible!!!"


4 Years In The Tank Now It's Time To Get $Bank$

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June 2011 Theme: Conjurers, Believers, Achievers & Doers: If Thy Mind Can Conceive Then The Will Can Achieve!!!

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topic: "Living Forever...It's Possible!!!"
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Dr. Moo-Twahz
Author Of "The Immortality Guide"
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Dr. Djwa (Jowa) 
 Author Of "Come To Life"
 About Come To Life And Its Author

"Come To Life" Is Real, And The Author's Credentials Are Impeccable!  He Has 2 Associate Degrees; A Bachelor's Degree With A Triple Minor; 3 Master's Degrees; And Has Finished His Doctoral Course Work (All At Reputable Colleges And Universities)!  The Author Welcomes Anyone To Attempt To Prove Otherwise!

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The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney Blasts Congressional Black Caucus On Frederick Carter Hanging

Title: "The Fire Never Dies...Justice For Frederick 'Fire' Jermaine Carter" by r2c2h2 tha artivist (c)

The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney Blasts Congressional Black Caucus On Frederick Carter Hanging 

“We celebrate black faces in high places…Now if those black faces do nothing with those high places why do we celebrate?”~The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney

Thank God Sis. Cynthia McKinney has never been one of those types of Black Faces In High Places!!!  A true freedom fighter and truth seeker in every sense of the term at home and abroad, Sis. Cynthia has rightfully earned a reputation for being a maverick for truth, justice and reconciliation…She is known as one of the first elected officials to call for an independent investigation into 9-11 (which cost her her congressional seat and made her a favorite target of character assassination and ridicule by the corporate news machine controlled by the military-big business industrial complex), one of the few elected officials to bravely speak out against the invasion of Iraq and was the first woman nominated by the Green Party to run for the highest office in the land and “the free world”…She is currently gaining both the admiration of underdogs everywhere as well as the  ire of the powers that be for her courageous fact finding tours during the Libyan conflict…

On April 6, 2011, the honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney was a guest on W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio where she shared with us her succinct geopolitical thoughts and analysis concerning the American Empire, the Japan earthquake disaster and fallout, and The Libyan Conflict…Sis. Cynthia McKinney like any true political iconoclast and people’s advocate knows all too well to quote the late great griot Gil Scott Heron that “home is where the hatred is”…With that said Shellia Ross, the aunt of Frederick Jermaine Carter, the young man who was found hanging in the tree in Greenwood, MS, and whose death was initially ruled suicide but is now considered a hanging pending investigation called into the show to share with the former congresswoman the story of her relative…

Sis. Cynthia was clearly upset by the story and became appalled that her colleagues from the Congressional Black Caucus has not been involved in any capacity in trying to find truth and justice in this case…In this segment she offers us a scathing critique of her peers and the Eric Holder led U.S. Department Of Justice…
What’s even more disturbing is the fact that Mississippi Congressman and leading CBC member U.S. Rep. Bennie Thompson, the ranking member of the U.S. House Committee on Homeland Security, is not spearheading an active and thorough investigation into finding truth into the death of Frederick Jermaine Carter, a constituent of his district…

As of this writing there is currently no active investigation going on in the Frederick Jermaine Carter and he has been dead for 6 months and counting…

More Fredrick Jermaine Carter On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News:

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: We Want Freedom Now! Cynthia McKinney Live!

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From The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney: Libya - "I Did Not Have War With That Country!"

From The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney: Libya - "I Did Not Have War With That Country!"

Robert Oliver sent me the best line yet for President Obama's defense of what he is doing in Libya--reminiscent of the now-famous words of one of our former Presidents, also caught in a lie:  I did not have war with that country!"  Cute, Robert.

1.  Read Ellen Brown on Libya; Read Ellen Brown on the Federal Reserve--just read Ellen Brown!
2.  Hear Michael Hudson talk about how President Obama's economic predators are at work domestically and internationally - look up his videos online;
3. And then, finally, view this cute little video sent to me by Ati; please take a look at the rest of the videos on the page that disclose Qaddafi's vision of a United States of Africa and a gold-backed African currency - and we know who's got the gold, and a one million person army to counter AFRICOM and European threats to African self-determination:,

And, oh yes, they bombed again last night a place where civilians gather every night.  First of all, they know civilians are there because it's broadcast on Libyan TV every night.  Civilians gather there, and even get married there.  There have been two weddings there since I have been here.  The blast was so forceful, many, many kilometers away I felt it.

I commend the Members of Congress who are upholding their Constitutional duties and forcing our President to abide by the U.S. Constitution and the War Powers Act.  The American people can force this President to uphold international law, too.  Targeted assassination, extra-judicial killing, targeting of civilians, collective punishment--all illegal.

Now, for those who refuse to hear the cacophony of the NATO media wurlitzer, I sought out some Libyans and asked them some questions about the mysterious hit piece targeting me that appeared on twitter.  Here are their responses to my questions (pardon me, this is the raw, unedited content):

1.  the name is not a common Libyan name
2.  the Green Book was implemented in March 2 1977; the economic aspects of the Green Book were gradually deviated from starting in about 1989; accelerated in the mid-90s and became totally absent in the service sector except banking, and not in security sector; the trend has been toward more opening at the behest of the United States and the Western countries
3.  he said that the system must be made more effective, starting about 10 years ago
4.  Tabouh are the free borders nomads with camels; Tabouh from Niger, Chad and Libya are recognized as Libyans.
5.  Janjaweed are a part of the culture of Sudan; always tried to work with US Congress thanked Libya for opening the humanitarian aid to the areas
6.  There are two cars in front of all of the houses; food is subsidized--basic foodstuffs 100% for last 20 years, water, elec is subsidized; everything is cheap; running water in housing, everyone has housing; no area is without primary care, streetlighting, electricity; those who complain want more for themselves and object to spend money on Africa
7.  the unemployed get a monthly stipend to live on with, but the jobs that need to be done, many Libyans don't want to do that work
8.  2 million guest worker laborers were evacuated, there is opportunity for work in Libya
9.  about 12,000 Libyan students on average every student is paid 1500 dinars per month plus family allowance, plus university fees, etc.

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: We Want Freedom Now! Cynthia McKinney Live!

Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction.


From The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney: More NATO "Humanitarian Intervention:" The Bombing Of Al Fateh University, Campus B

From The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney: More NATO "Humanitarian Intervention:" The Bombing Of Al Fateh University, Campus B

More NATO "Humanitarian Intervention:"  The Bombing of Al Fateh University, Campus B
14 June 2011

Since coming to Tripoli to see first hand the consequences of the NATO military operations, it has become clear to me that despite the ongoing silence of the international press on the ground here in Libya, there is clear evidence that civilian targets have been hit and Libyan civilians injured and killed.

This Tuesday morning I was taken from my hotel across the city through its bustling traffic to the Al Fateh University.

On 9 June, Dean Ali Mansur was outside in the parking lot.  The sky was blue like Carolina blue.  The clouds were white--no chemtrails in sight.   Puffy and white.  Dean Mansur was visibly upset.  It seems that some of the young men at Al Fateh University, Campus B were fighting over girls.  He explained to me that Libyans are hot blooded.  With a gleam in his eye, he whispered to me that girls are important to young men. 

Yes, that was clearly evident today as I approached the campus of Al Fateh University, Campus B, formerly known as Nasser University.  Under the trees, throughout the lawn as we approached the campus gates, I could see young men and women talking to each other, talking on cell phones,  walking to and fro, assembled, probably talking about the latest campus news--whatever that might be.  Today, on the Al Fateh campus, life was teeming.  Student life seemed vibrant. This feel and ambiance of this university was not unlike the hundreds of other universities that I have visited in the US and around the world.

Libyan boys and girls are like ours. My son would easily fit into the life of this university.

The campus seemed vibrant, too.  Cranes everywhere indicated a healthy building program, adding new buildings to enhance the student learning environment.  Despite the students' fracas, Dean Mansur had everything to be happy about as he saw his university becoming bigger, better, and stronger.  Her told me that they had even signed an agreement with a British university to begin programs in the English language.  Not English studies, Dean Mansur emphasized, but an entire curriculum of study taught in the English language!  Of course, he entoned, that's all disappointingly ended now.

Al Fateh University, Campus B consists of about 10,000 undergraduates, 800 masters degree candidates, and 18 Ph.D. students; 220 staff, 150 ad hoc professors, 120 employees.  It has eight auditoriums, 19 classrooms, 4 extra large classrooms. It also has a rural campus at Al Azizia where 700 students are taught and are a part of the university system.  Dean Mansur compares himself to a mayor because he has so many responsibilities presiding over a large community of students engaging in a rich and vibrant academic life.

Dean Mansur told me that life at the university and, for him personally, changed forever on the afternoon of Thursday 9 June, 2011.

He recalled that the university opened as usual around 8:00 am and was to close later that evening at about 8:00 pm.

Thursday, 9 June, he thought, was going to be just like any other day, except for the fracas over the girls that had cleared the campus of many of the students who didn't want to have any part in the fighting.  So, outside in the campus parking lot, Dr. Mansur told me he was preoccupied  thinking how he would deal with the disciplinary issue before him.

Then, out of nowhere and all of a sudden, he heard something loud up in the sky. 

He said it began out of no where, a loud roar.  Then a frightful high pitched the hissing sound.  He said he looked up into the sky and couldn't hardly believe his eyes:  something shiny up in the sky appeared dancing in front of him. He said it moved about like an atari game or something. It danced and zig-zagged all over the sky.  He said he was transfixed on the object for what seemed like minutes but in truth must have only been seconds.

Up and down and sideways it raced in the sky and then, without warning, it just came crashing down into the ground nearby.  It was a NATO missile.

Tragically it had found its target:  Al Fateh University, Campus B. 

Dean Mansur said he saw one missile, lots of fire, lots of different colors all around it, and then a huge plume of smoke.  He saw one missile, but heard what seemed like many explosions. He said he now can't honestly say how many.

Dr. Mansur said the force and shock of the blast held him frozen  in his place.  He said his heart stopped for a moment.  He wasn't afraid, just frozen.  He didn't run away; he didn't cower; he said he just stood stupefied.

The force of the blast cracked thickened concrete wells, shattered hundreds of windows and brought numerous ceilings down in lecture halls.

Whether it was a wayward Tomahawk Cruise Missile or a misdirected laser guided bomb, no one knows.

His immediate thoughts were for the thousands of his students in the university and for his own three children who study there.

After about 30 minutes, the Libyan press came to see what had happened.  the University President and other officials of the school all came.  But to Dr. Mansur's surprise not the international press. 

And what did they see?

The media saw the widespread structural damage to many of the buildings, all of the windows blown out in every one of the eight auditoriums.  Doors blown off their hinges.  Library in a shambles.  Books and debris everywhere.  The campus mosque was damaged.  Glass heaped up in piles.  Some efforts at cleaning up had begun.

Dr Mansur says that they have kept the university, wherever practicable, in much the same condition as it was on the day of the attack. Except that the main classroom area that students work in has been cleaned and will be renamed the Seif Al-Arab auditorium complex in memory of Muammar Qaddafi's son murdered on April 30, 2011 in his home by NATO bombs.

On Thursday, NATO missiles.  Friday and Saturday are considered the weekend here.  Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, the students are back to school undaunted by the bombing.  In many of the classrooms I saw today, students were taking final exams amid the debris.  As I walked around the campus, one male voice shouted out and spoke to me in Arabic:  "Where's Obama?"

Good question I thought.

I've always wondered if the politicians who regularly send our young men and women away to war and who regularly bomb the poor peoples of the world have ever, themselves, been on the receiving end of a Cruise Missile attack or placed themselves and their family at the mercy of a laser guided depleted uranium bomb. Maybe, just maybe I thought, that if they had experienced first hand the horror of a NATO attack on a civilian target they might just stop and question for a minute the need to dispatch our armed forces to attack the people of Libya.

 I didn't want to disturb the students taking exams so I found some students standing outside not taking exams to talk to.  I asked them if they had anything to say to President Obama.  One professor, a woman, spoke up readily and said, "We are working under fire:  physical and psychological."  One student spoke up and said that President Obama should "Free Palestine and leave Libya alone."  He continued, "We are one family." 

More on that later, but briefly, every Libyan is a member of a tribe and every tribe governs itself and selects its leaders; those leaders from all of the tribes then select their leaders, and so on until there is only one leader of all of the tribes of Libya.  I met that one tribal leader yesterday in another part of Tripoli and I am told he is the real leader of this country. He presides over the Tribal Council which constitutes Libya's real policymakers.  So when the young man said "We are one family," that is actually the truth.

Dr. Mansur, trained in the United States and spoke fondly of his time in the US and the many friends he made there.  He is proud of his students and the richness of his university's community life.  He was just like any University Dean in the United States.

In my view God intervened on Thursday 9 June, 2011.

On the day that the missile struck, not one student was killed.  It could so easily have been different.  It could have been a catastrophe taking the lives of hundreds of teenagers.

I am told that in the surrounding area immediately outside the university others were not so fortunate.

Reports are that there were deaths in the nearby houses.

It's a funny thing about war. Those  who cause war become oblivious and removed from its consequences; they seem happy to inflict harm on others and become numb to its ill effects while war's victims find a way to normalize the abnormal and live with the constant threat of death and destruction.

After visiting Tripoli,  I remain as opposed to war as ever before.

The students at Al Fateh University continue their studies despite the siege that their country is under. 

And oh, that second group of students that I randomly spoke to?  I asked them how much they pay for tuition.  They looked at me with puzzled faces even after the translation.  I asked them how much they pay for their books.  Again, the same puzzled face.  Tuition at Al Fateh University is 16 dinars per year--about $9.  And due to the NATO embargo on gasoline imports, the school now has started 10 free bus lines to its surrounding areas in order to make sure that the students can get to school, free of charge.

I told them that I was about to enter a Ph.D. program in the US myself and that I needed tuition and book money costing tens of thousands of dollars.  I continued that my cousin is in debt $100,000 because she went to the schools of her choice and received a Master's degree. 

They said to me, "We thank Muammar Qaddafi.  Because of Muammar Qaddafi we have free education.  Allah, Muammar, Libya obes!"

Well as for NATO, they still cling to the chimera that their strikes are against military targets only and that theirs is a "humanitarian intervention."

I'm still waiting to find evidence somewhere in the world that bombing poor civilian populations of the Third World from the air is good for their voting rights, democracy, medical care, education, welfare, national debt, and enhancing personal income and wealth distribution.  It seems clear to me that complex life issues require more complex intervention than a Cruise Missile could ever deliver.

Here is video of Michel Collon about western wars and the media lies that accompany them (thanks to Rosemary Tylka for sending this to me for forwarding):

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: We Want Freedom Now! Cynthia McKinney Live!

Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction.


W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: The Late Great Johnny Ace

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: The Late Great Johnny Ace  

An Insightful Interview With Johnny Ace's Biographer Dr. James Salem

Happy Life Affirmation Day Johnny Ace! The First Rock-N-Roll Star & Casualty & Booker T. Washington High School's (Memphis,TN) Most Famous Dropout

Brother Of Music Great Johnny Ace Used As A Guinea Pig By The U.S. Military, Owed $75,000…

*W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio Special*
Topic: Pledging Our Love...The Ultimate Johnny Ace Tribute

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From The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney: Eyewitness To NATO In Tripoli Tour...Please Support!!!

From The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney: Eyewitness To NATO In Tripoli Tour


I'm inviting you to please come and support this effort.  At each stop, people who have traveled to Tripoli with me on various DIGNITY Delegation trips will be asked to speak and give their impressions.  We will present photos and as-yet unseen video.  Proceeds from the tour will help me pay back the loan that got our Delegation to Tripoli and fund other peace work that will include additional delegations. 

Watch this interview of Michel Collon as he recounts the sordid history of our countries against people of color time and time again (thanks Rosemary for the reference):

Here are the tour dates and locations:

ANSWER National email banner
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Eyewitness Libya: Cynthia McKinney reports back on the massive bombing of Tripoli - Nationwide speaking tour
Cynthia McKinney reports from Tripoli, Libya
Huge bunker-buster bomb creates
devastating damage in downtown Tripoli.
The ANSWER Coalition is sponsoring a nationwide speaking tour featuring former Congressional representative and presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney, who is currently in Libya on her second fact-finding mission, will offer an eyewitness report exposing the truth that has been concealed by the western corporate media.
Also speaking on the tour will be Akbar Muhammad of the Nation of Islam, former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark and Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition.
McKinney and the other speakers will shed light on the devastating impact of the U.S./NATO bombing of Libya and the extensive civilian casualties that the White House, Pentagon and the media have persistently denied. McKinney is currently on her second trip to Libya during the NATO bombing. During her time there, she has visited several hospitals, and has conducted video interviews with doctors and the wounded.
Under the guise of humanitarian intervention and protecting civilians, NATO has carried out a massive bombing of Africa's largest oil producer. McKinney's report shows how devastating the bombing has been for civilians in Tripoli and elsewhere.
Major tour stops include:
Los Angeles
Saturday, June 18, 6pm
Immanuel Presbyterian Church
Westminster Chapel
3300 Wilshire Boulevard
Info:             213-251-1025      
SPEAKERS: Cynthia McKinney, Akbar Muhammad, Muna Coobtee
Wednesday, June 22, 7pm
University of Illinois at Chicago
BSB Building, Room 140
Corner of Harrison and Morgan
Info:             773-463-0311      
SPEAKERS: Cynthia McKinney, Akbar Muhammad, Brian Becker
New York City
Saturday, June 25, 2pm
Location to be announced
Info:             212-694-8720      
SPEAKERS: Cynthia McKinney, Akbar Muhammad, Ramsey Clark, Brian Becker
San Francisco
Tuesday, June 21, 6:30pm
Unitarian Universalist Church
Thomas Starr King Room
Franklin & Geary Sts.
Info:             415-821-6545      
Co-sponsored by the Unitarian Universalists for Peace
SPEAKERS: Cynthia McKinney, Akbar Muhammad, Omar Ali
Washington, D.C.
Friday, June 24, 7pm
Festival Center
1640 Columbia Rd. NW
Info:             202-265-1948      
SPEAKERS: Cynthia McKinney, Akbar Muhammad, Brian Becker
Please circulate this statement widely via email and social networking websites:
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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: We Want Freedom Now! Cynthia McKinney Live!

Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction.


From The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney: Frank Wisner's Mighty Wurlitzer Is Playing Now, But Nobody's Dancing!

From The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney: Frank Wisner's Mighty Wurlitzer Is Playing Now, But Nobody's Dancing!
Seems the "Mighty Wurlitzer" is running in overdrive.  Only thing, it's not making music, it's making noise.  Interesting this comes out the day after I met with the real leader of Libya, the chief of all of the tribal chiefs.  In a recent vote, the tribal chiefs voted that Libya will not be divided, despite the best efforts of NATO and their "rebel" allies.  And I also met the tribal chiefs in the eastern and southern parts of the country.

See the latest from their disinformation campaign--clearly they are afraid of the truth: they want NATO to bomb their own country, and have rejected every peace proposal put forward, including one by the African Union.  Interestingly, the contents of this misinformation message bear a striking resemblance to the tone set in the campaign used against Earl Hilliard, sitting Congressman defeated by the pro-Israel Lobby in 2002 for daring to be interested in Africa in general and Libya in particular, and encouraging the Members of the Congressional Black Caucus to do the same.  I was told that the NATO allies have promised Israel recognition and a military base, among other things.  I will produce a report on that once I've completed my interviews, readings, and have obtained the translation of the Hebrew document.

Here's the blather:

Muammar Gaddafi And Cynthia McKinney: BFFs 4eva!

4 Comments »Posted in FeaturesMay 24, 2011
by Tasbeeh Herwees
Follow Tasbeeh on Twitter @THerwees
With a white scarf around her shoulders, and the familiar green banner scrolling across the screen, Cynthia Mckinney appeared on Libyan State TV on Saturday. What a triumph for the sinking ship that is the Gaddafi regime—as NATO and the international community continue their efforts to force Gaddafi from power.  Here is their shiny white knight: an American ex-Congresswoman who’s willing to defend them against the Western-Imperialist-Al Qaeda-rats.

She’s the worst sort of person to be involved in the Libyan conflict: not only incredibly uninformed but deluded as well, having fully swallowed the lies of the Gaddafi regime as unalienable truths. Mckinney continues to defend Gaddafi as a ‘hero’ of African rights (we’ll talk about this more below) and refuses to acknowledge the crimes of his regime.  Her justification for doing so indicates a stunning ignorance on her part. Even as damning evidence of the Gaddafi regime’s unspeakable cruelty mounts against it—countless videos, photos and eyewitness accounts of citizens, journalists and others—Cynthia Mckinney stands by Gaddafi, recently making an appearance on Libyan State TV from Tripoli as part of an NGO “fact-finding” mission.

There are many like her, among them, Louis Farrakhan, whose support of Gaddafi hinges on the fact that Gaddafi has funneled millions of dollars into the Nation of Islam and consequently into Farrakhan’s pocket.  Farrakhan too has chosen to turn a blind eye towards the undeniable atrocities that the Gaddafi regime has perpetrated upon it’s own people (not just since February 15th but for 42 years) and instead has parroted government propaganda, painting the regime as some kind of perverted harbinger of peace to the African continent.

It was bad enough when Mckinney extolled the nonexistent virtues of Gaddafi’s ‘Jamahiriya’ as an idealized form of ‘direct democracy.’  Then, McKinney lauded The Green Book as some kind of paragon of democratic philosophy.  Even Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, his own son and former heir apparent, admits that the jamahiriya is no democracy.

Her appearance on Libyan State TV is a slap in the face to the Libyan people. Here, a former Congresswomen standing by the man who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of Libyans and on the same channel that has repeatedly aired footage of Gaddafi promising to “cleanse” Benghazi of dissidents, house by house and closet by closet.

Libyan State TV is a ‘a psychological weapon,’ a relentless propaganda machine. This is the same outlet that called rape survivor Iman Al Obeidy a ‘prostitute’ and accused her of lying about being captured and repeatedly raped and tortured by Gaddafi forces. Not to mention, the now infamous lies about Nescafe pills and al Qaeda terrorists and the denial of the deaths of what some reports suggest may be more than 30,000 Libyans.

Cynthia Mckinney says she’s in Tripoli because she wants to “understand the truth.” And yet professional journalists who’ve been stationed there for months say that the truth, in Tripoli, is impossible to find. “If there is a hell for journalists,” wrote Sky News’ Emma Hurd, “It will probably be a lot like the Rixos Hotel in Tripoli.” Journalists in Tripoli have been denied their freedom to report, restricted to the gilded prison walls of the Rixos Hotels, and forced, at times, to report the propaganda they are they fed by Musa Ibrahim, the Libyan regime’s snakelike spokesperson.

What does Mckinney expect to find? Here’s what she won’t find:
Mckinney says Gaddafi is a champion of African rights, but Gaddafi’s actions on the African continent suggest otherwise.  His plans for a United Africa seem to coincidentally insist that he be Africa’s figurehead.  Gaddafi condescendingly calls himself the King of Kings of Africa, manipulating pan-African sentiments and handing out millions through Libyan development funds to fuel his delusions of grandeur.    His record in Africa is mixed at best,  dishing out much needed capital to poverty-stricken and indebted African nations to support his self-interests and feed his megalomania, while fostering rifts and fomenting war between rival groups and nations.  Despite the regime’s heralding of the construction of a hospital here or a hotel there, not a single one of Libya’s (African) neighbors has been spared his destructive touch, constant meddling and absurd arrogance.

He has denied citizenship to Libya’s marginalized Tabou tribes, and exploited disenfranchised peoples, handing them weapons and money to go to war during Libya’s aggression on its southern neighbor, Chad.  During that time he created and financed the Janjaweed, the brutal Sudanese militia who perpetrated the massacres in Darfur. The Janjaweed militia not only killed thousands, but also used rape as a “systematic weapon of ethnic cleansing." 

African immigrants in Libya are treated with hostility by the Libyan government and exploited for cheap labor. A Human Rights Watch report from 2006 found: “Foreigners in Libya reported police violence and due process violations, including torture and unfair trials.”  The report also describes the dismal conditions under which Africans are held in detention camps for migrants.  During the current crisis in Libya, the Gaddafi regime has been accused of using African migrants as weapons in the face of European hostility, cramming thousands of African migrants into boats by force.  Hundreds have died in over-loaded boats that capsized en route to Italy.

Not to mention, the war crimes committed against Libyans, who are in fact Africans.
Gaddafi has openly and brazenly financed known war criminals in Liberia and Sierra Leone. Liberia’s ex-president and warlord Charles Taylor has a rap-sheet that rivals Gaddafi’s. He now stands trial on “11 counts of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other serious violations of international humanitarian law.” Taylor and Sierra Leone’s rebel leader, Fonday Sankoh, were both trained in Libya and financed by Gaddafi— the two are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia, not to mention the rape of hundreds of women and their indiscriminate use of child soldiers.
None of this is secret. It’s not hidden in a vault somewhere in Gaddafi’s super-secure compound of Bab Azizia. It’s not in any confidential CIA reports. These are facts: well-known, long-established, cold-hard facts—and yet Cynthia Mckinney seems to have no knowledge of them, instead giving preference to romantic notions of pan-Africanism perpetuated by the regime.

She makes other erroneous claims—she likes to tout Gaddafi’s system of “subsidized healthcare, education, housing, etc” as proof of his goodwill and legitimacy. She says Libyans enjoy the profits of Libya’s large oil reserves. She conveniently skirts the fact of Libya’s 30% poverty rate: 2/3 of Libyans live on less than $2 a day—unless you’re a close personal friend of Muammar you don’t see anything of that oil money.

Libya’s healthcare system is a disaster. The World Health Organization ranks Libya’s health care system at 87. In 2009, there was approximately 1 health care profession for every 1,000 Libyans. Many Libyans don’t find sufficient medical care inside the country and must make expensive trips abroad to Tunisia, Algeria, and surrounding countries for better treatment.

“Boarding an aeroplane to visit your doctor is common practice among Libyans,” reported a 2010 article in Middle East Economic Digest, “As a result of sanctions imposed during the 1980s and early 1990s, the country’s healthcare system has been starved of the investment and medical training needed to build a modern infrastructure of clinics and hospitals. Those in need of specialist care now drive to Tunis or fly to Malta, Germany or the UK to avoid the staff shortages and overcrowding that have become a feature of Libya’s public hospitals, of which there are now little more than 100.”

Mckinney’s claims of subsidized housing in Libya are also absurd. Libya suffers from a crippling housing crisis. In Tripoli, the government attempted to “tackle” a shortage of 500,000 housing units by building a series of luxury high-rises—but with a 33% unemployment rate, who could afford to live in such places?
Mckinney idealizes Gaddafi’s The Green Book—the same book that decreed that whoever lived in a house owned it—meaning a family could return from a weekend trip to visit family and find that squatters now own their home.

Again, these are not state secrets. A cursory Google search would’ve led Mckinney to the truth. Instead, Mckinney stews in conspiracy and panders to the Libyan government, disseminating their lies and perpetuating a Gaddafi-approved narrative. Mckinney freely lambasts Obama and NATO— who are in no way above criticism—but refuses to acknowledge the irrefutable war crimes of the Gaddafi regime. She would rather not acquaint herself with the truth, it seems—instead, she’d prefer to rub elbows with known war criminals and mass murderers on Libyan State TV.

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: We Want Freedom Now! Cynthia McKinney Live!

Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction.


From The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney: Tripoli Dispatch - Day Nine (I Think)

From The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney: Tripoli Dispatch - Day Nine (I Think)

As my time in Libya winds down, I am rushing to see as much as I can.  A national tour has been organized and announced by ANSWER that will take me to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, and Atlanta (not necessarily in that order) in order to help me raise the funds to pay back the loan that brought the journalists and me down here.  Despite the bombing, I have had people contact me saying that they, too, wanted to come and see firsthand for themselves,what is happening here.  I would be happy to bring people here, provided they commit to help me raise the funding.  Coming here and seeing for yourself is particularly important because everything that you think you know about Libya from the Western media is a lie.  Once you arrive, you will learn.  And then, what to do?  We must confront our President with the truth.  My experience has been that lies eventually wither in the face of the truth.  So continuing these delegations is certainly something worth considering.  We'll revisit this after we see how the fundraising tour goes.

Today, I'm sending a message that can be found at the San Francisco Bay View newspaper.  Deborah Dupre compiled our DIGNITY Delegation missives into a very good newspaper article and the Bay View carried it.  In addition, please find below, a link to a PressTV interview done by Don DeBar who has received all of our footage and put it online.  Here's the link to Don's interview with PressTV:

Yesterday, our journalist from Cape Town South Africa was allowed to film in a place where the bodies are still underneath the rubble.  Remember New York's Ground Zero?  Hurricane Katrina?  I did not attend with this member of our Delegation, but he told me that he had to kneel and cry, the scene was so powerful and moving.  He owns a TV station in South Africa and after he gets the footage uploaded to his station, then he will share it with us and Don Debar will be able to post it at  I will definitely let you know when we have received permission to post this material.  I'm also hoping that before the tour, Don will be able to put a 10 minute video together that will only be unveiled at each of the tour stops.

Finally, the list of articles I must write keeps growing and I want to write them before I leave here.  Here's hoping:  1.  Mercenary story and the murder of Hisham; 2.  How NATO treats the Libyans like Israel treats the Palestinians; 3.  A backgrounder on the truth and lies about the beginning of this crisis; 4.  Rape.  In addition to these stories I want to also tell the story of (5) the many Judas kisses the Libyan people have received from trusted friends all around the world.  I, too, know the sting of betrayal.  I want to write about what Libyans have expressed to me about their friends letting them down.

Here is Don Debar's message with links and below it is the composite story from the San Francisco Bay View newspaper--they need a Pulitzer or better yet, a people's award, for their contributions to the truth:

Don's message:
It's been a week since we first started passing on the information coming to us from on the ground in Tripoli, and you can see that the truth is quite a bit different from the picture being painted by US media, including by such "progressive" outlets as Democracy Now and post-coup Pacifica Radio. There are still remaining, however, some free spaces within Pacifica where the word has been getting out - more on that within.
Some of the Dignity delegation has returned to the US - our first two pieces today are interviews conducted here in the US after their return.
First is an interview done yesterday with Dignity delegation member Dedon Kamathi, a producer for Pacifica Radio's KPFK-FM in Los Angeles. That interview, by Askia Muhammad, aired on Pacifica's Washington, DC station WPFW-FM yesterday. You can hear it at
Next is a piece written by Dignity delegation member Wayne Madsen, a Washington, DC journalist who specializes in intelligence matter. That piece, entitled "NATO's 'Alternate Universe' in Libya" begins as follows:
"The Pentagon and its NATO partners are engaged in one of the most obvious and intensive propaganda ploys in their military operations against Libya since the days leading up to the "Coalition of the Willing" attack on Iraq." The entire piece can be found at

I was interviewed by PressTV this past Thursday about the War on Libya, including the attempt by the US to present it as a NATO, and not American, enterprise, as well as how the cost of the US wars are impacting the US economic crisis - that interview can be found at

I am waiting for some further information about some rather graphic video I received yesterday from Tripoli; when I receive it, I will forward a link and description of same.


And here is the Dupre article from the San Francisco Bay View newspaper:

McKinney Human Rights Fact-Finders Show Libyan Deaths, Injuries Not ‘Propaganda’

June 9, 2011
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by Deborah Dupre

A Misrata child was injured by NATO attacks that now are destroying Tripoli, injuring and killing innocent people, as they target Qaddafi. – Photo: Getty Images

In the CIA kick-started war on Libya, The New York Times report Monday by John F. Burns, calling Libyan civilian casualties “propaganda,” does not square with a series of WBAIX in-hospital interviews (posted below) by Joshalyn Lawrence that show civilian victim survivors of U.S./NATO intensifying bomb raids, both witnessed by a human rights fact-finding mission including Cynthia McKinney and former members of parliament, who report it is NATO spin that mainstream media is reporting.

“Sightings of civilian casualties have been rare,” reported Burns on June 6. “Visits to bombing sites, hospitals and funerals have produced a succession of blunders, including patients identified as bombing victims who turned out not to be, empty coffins at funerals and burials where some of those interred turned out not to be airstrike victims at all.”

The Lawrence videos, on the WBAIX channel, of hospitalized civilians is evidence that, rather than injuries and killings by bombs being “rare” or reporting “blunders,” they are realities. Graphic images of the wounded are documented in the WBAIX videos created by Joshalyn Lawrence.

In the videos, one after another wounded innocent civilian described atrocities to Cynthia McKinney, in a fact-finding mission with a team including a delegation of former MPs and professors from France, all now in Tripoli.

The live-stream Lawrence videos on DeBar’s channel document the NATO attacks and the injured, showing their wounds and describing friends and co-workers killed.

McKinney’s fact-finder team is seen entering one hospital room after another, each with the injured and the doctor explaining how the injury occurred and showing the injuries.
Houses are “completely destroyed” and meanwhile, according to McKinney, NATO has its own psychological operation in progress.

In a June 7 statement by McKinney, she refutes NATO claims about making “significant progress” in “protecting Libyan civilians” and “targeting military intelligence headquarters in downtown Tripoli.”
The fact-finder team, of which McKinney is a delegate, planned a program to visit camps of internally displaced persons in the area but this could not occur because of U.S./NATO attacks.
“[W]e are not able to complete our program while Tripoli is under attack. I will do my best to visit some of the areas bombed today when and if this attack lets up.”

Like The New York Times, The Washington Post headlined “Libya government fails to prove claims of NATO casualties” and the Los Angeles Times headline was “Libya officials put a spin on a conflict.”
“These bombs and missiles are not falling in empty spaces: People are all over Tripoli going about their lives just as in any other major metropolitan city of about 2 million people,” stated McKinney.


“I don’t understand why they want to kill us,” said one young woman seen standing with others outside the Tripoli hospital room, explaining that the old are also being injured and killed.
“Why?” is the question repeatedly asked by the injured who are able to speak.

Political analyst Webster Tarpley answered that question Monday, June 6, on Press TV, stating that the “goal of all this all along has been to smash Libya into various parts to drive Qaddafi out of power and to seize control of the oil to re-impose the yoke of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank in still more severe form than we ever had it.”

“And I think right now desperation is growing, especially in London and Paris, that old Suez 1956 combination of unreconstructed imperialists,” said Tarpley.

“They are desperate now because their methods so far are not working. They tried high level bombing, combined with this rebel rabble underground with a lot of al-Qaeda fighters included in it and that’s not working.”

Wayne Madsen, who was among those in the hospital with McKinney and others, seeing the patients and witnessing the injuries, has reported that early mainstream media reports included photos of Libyan rebels waving weapons and discharging them into the air, while “NATO member nations were supposedly locked in debate as to whether or when to provide weapons to the rebels.”
“Someone in the media finally pointed out that the weapons being waved about in the photos were NATO standard issue,” reported Madsen.

Democratically elected Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi, targeted for  assassination, survives recent attacks. – Photo: Getty Images

Foreign Secretary William Hauge has said that NATO’s almost three month long mission is intensifying and it could last many more months, according to Press TV

Tarpley speculates that the U.S. aggression on Libya could bring President Obama down. Republicans who have been long-time warmongers “are now seizing on the Libyan war as a means of attacking Obama.”
The War Powers Act “would have required Obama to get congressional approval for what he is doing within 60 days, meaning by about May 20,” stated Tarpley. “At May 20, the second clock starts which gives him 30 days to pull out. If Obama does not pull out of the attack on Libya by about the 20th of June, he could be brought down by the Republicans in the House, who might use that as a vehicle to express their resentment so they build up some other issues.”

African Americans in Harlem urged public support on Wednesday as they protest the U.S./NATO attacks on Libyan Africans and the targeting of Libyan leader Col. Muammar Qadaffi, the man praised by Nelson Mandela for supporting the anti-apartheid struggle and the man who has said No to the establishment of a U.S. military command (Africom) on the African continent to take African resources. (See “African Americans’ emergency gathering to stop Qadaffi assassination” by Deborah Dupré, National Human Rights

McKinney asked June 7, “What were you doing today between 1:00 p.m. and now? The people of Tripoli endure the trauma of repeated bombings in their immediate environment.”
Referring to “imperialist” Nuremberg crimes against humanity in Libya, Tarpley said that “undoubtedly,” depleted uranium and cluster bombs are being used, “and all the rest.”

Investigations have revealed that the U.S. Navy used cluster bombs on Libyans that injured the innocent, including children.
“[A]nd that’s what they call democracy these days.”

Deborah Dupre holds American and Australian science and education graduate degrees and has 30 years experience in human rights, environmental and peace activism. Email her at and visit her website, This story first appeared at

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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: We Want Freedom Now! Cynthia McKinney Live!

Silence is the deadliest weapon of mass destruction.