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Redbone Afropuff: A Warning About The Study Of Film And Theatre

Redbone Afropuff: A Warning About The Study Of Film And Theatre 

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Redbone Afropuff: Black Snobs And Trained Filmmakers May Love Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls”

 Redbone Afropuff: Black Snobs And Trained Filmmakers May Love Tyler Perry’s “For Colored Girls”

*Check Out The Pink Slip Girl a.k.a. Sis. Mariam Williams On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio*

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May 14, 2008
Hello r2c2h2,
I really loved your book about James Reese Europe. The artwork was a tribute and very beautiful too. Your web site is exciting and your artful messages are profound.
My name is Ellen Europe-Gomez and my children are James Reese Europe IV and Robert Foster Europe.
Thank you for your interest in a true American hero. We are so proud of this brave and innovative man.
Bless you and I wish you continued success in your endeavors.
Ellen Europe-Gomez


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Mumia Speaks: FIRING WORDS

[col. writ. 10/23/10 (c) '10 Mumia Abu-Jamal 

 The recent firing of news analyst and writer, Juan Williams, from his perch at NPR, for stating his opinion about fear of Muslims on the Bill O'Reilly show on Fox, is but the latest in a long train in the media.
 Despite my own checkered history at NPR, (I was fired in 1995 after police protest at my hiring) this is not a hit-piece on NPR, for National Public Radio is hardly alone in the process.

 This appears to be a piece of a larger story about the taming of the  (already housebroken) media, for violation (real or imagined) of increasingly outdated and complex codes of corporate behavior.
 Williams, author of a well-received biography of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall, has long been a presence on Fox broadcasts, and is perhaps better known as a TV talking head than a voice on the radio.

 His opinion, of fear at the sight of those wearing Islamic garb at an airport, is also probably more silly than offensive, for it ignores the fact that the most dangerous attacks on airplanes were perpetrated by men who wore, not Islamic clothing, such as thobes, robes, kaffiyahs, or kufis, but everyday western gear, like t-shirts, jeans, jackets, and occasionally, suits.

 That's because they dress precisely in ways that don't raise fear or anxiety.  I mean, that's the point, right?

 More troubling though, is the lightning firing of CNN's Octavia Nasr, for expressing respect for a Shi'a religious figure in Lebanon, who, although beloved by Hezbollah, was not a member.  That figure died, Nasr expressed admiration, and was fired on the spot (who, pray tell, was offended by her respect for the passing of sheikh?)

 Rick Sanchez, the gregarious, sometimes oafish Cuban CNN personality, responded to the needling of him by Comedy Central's John Stewart, by attacking him as a bigot -- and also leveling some choice bits at CNN management for their assumed class elitism (and, yes, their presumed Jewishness) -- and was out before nightfall.

 Now, neither Nasr nor Sanchez were radicals (and for that matter, neither was Williams), and they may've found a space at CNN precisely because they came from rightist drifts of their communities.
But, rightism often brings with it other elements that aren't very pretty.

 One didn't see this outcry or call for First Amendment protections when scholar Dr. Marc Lamont Hill was axed at Fox -- nor when green activist lawyer, Van Jones was purged from the White House (for their friendships or politics!)

 Yet, ultimately, opinions are like navels: we all got 'em. Some are smart; some are silly; some are insightful -- and, yes, some are hurtful...even hateful.

 Should we hid them? Or should we face them?

Opinions aren't to be feared.  Nor should they be ignored--or hidden.
 They should be examined; challenged.
 Thus does reason triumph over unreason.
 --(c) '10 maj

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Raising A Jazz Genius:Eric Dolphy's Parents Speak!

Eric Dolphy Bio @ Wikipedia:

Video: Eric Dolphy~Gee Wee


Interview With The Dolphys Part 1 Of 3


Interview With The Dolphys Part 2 Of 3

Interview With The Dolphys Part 3 Of 3

Complete version of my talk with Eric Sr. and Sadie Dolphy, at their house at 1593 W 36th St in Los Angeles, in 1975. We recorded this on Sony Portapak equipment on 1/2-inch black and white tape. My comrades later overwrote part of the tape, unfortunately. Mike Lastra and others recorded this while I asked the dumb questions. The 1/2-inch tape was transferred to VHS by Obsolete Tape Transfer Service in Philadelphia in the 1980s, and this was digitized from that VHS tape.

Adventures Of A Weekend Nazi

Video: Iott Nazi Controversy

Adventures Of A Weekend Nazi

Dr. Jason Johnson


Men and women love to play dress up. From a very early age we’re taught that whatever it is you want to be when you grow up, you should dress like it, and if you dress like it long enough other people will expect you to be it too. That’s why parents buy plastic stethoscopes and white lab coats for their kids, why you aren’t going to see as many Brett Favre jersey’s at Pop Warner football games this fall, and why Dad’s get a little nervous if they catch their sons parading around the house in Mom’s old shoes and church hats.

Of course Rich Iott would like us to believe that what we were taught growing up wasn’t true at all. That dressing like something doesn’t mean you want to be like those people or their beliefs. Otherwise how else could a man running for Congress justify dressing up as a Nazi soldier on the weekend for years of his adult life.

About a week ago the Atlantic Magazine and “Real Time” with Bill Maher both did stories that have brought the little known race of Ohio’s 9th Congressional district into the national spotlight. The district, which runs along Lake Erie and includes Toledo Ohio, is pretty solidly in the hand of Democrat Marcy Kaptur, who has represented the 9th since 1983. Her opponent, Tea Party favorite Iott, would’ve just been a Republican sacrificial lamb had it not been for photos surfacing of him dressed as a Nazi grinning, drinking beer and palling it up with his son and friends. Now he’s a national story although not for the reasons that he should be.

I don’t necessarily believe Iott is a Nazi, he claims that the photos of him and friends cheesing for the camera dressed as the Panzer Wiking division of the SS were part of a re-enactment group that he used to be a part of. He’s even released photos of other re-enactments he’s done from World War I, and the Civil War. Iott claims that he and his fellow re-enactors studied the actions and history of the division and shared their research with local schools and clubs.

I wonder if that included how the Wiking division ran Jewish prisoners through a gauntlet, shot them at close range and threw them in a pit. Or that the Wiking division was home to Joseph Mengele, the Nazi “Angel of Death”, who performed bizarre and inhuman experiments on men women and children at Auschwitz. In all of those father-son bonding weekends out in the woods it never occurred to Iott how disgusting, anti-patriotic and offensive such activities were? Anybody that tone deaf to American history shouldn’t be serving in the Federal government.

Of course the issue isn’t just the whole “Nazi thing” but war re-enactors in general.

There are thousands of men and even some women who engage in war re-enactments all over the country, even some minorities have been known to dress up as Union and Confederate soldiers. Some re-enactment groups, such as the 37th Calvary in Texas, make a point to show that they have black members who participate in their mock battles as well.

As far as I’m concerned, anyone who wants to dress up as enemies of the United States as an excuse to tailgate and live out some war fantasy doesn’t deserve to serve their nation in Congress. Someone dressing up as a Confederate soldier, white or black, let alone a Nazi whom we were fighting just 60 years ago, is showing a lack of historical empathy that I think would make them less than qualified for the job.

This is not the “who had it worse” game. It’s foolish to compare the Holocaust with slavery or the genocides in Rwanda or any of a slew of man-on-man abuses in world history. However I think that anyone who chooses to bask in the re-enactment glow, whether it’s former slave owners or Nazi’s, has every right to do it, but I sure as heck don’t want them representing me.

I would hate to think that in the Congressional elections of 2070 that there would be candidates out there who spent their weekends in the mountains re-enacting the planning and execution of 9-11. I doubt voters would tolerate that, just like today’s voters shouldn’t tolerate Confederate or Nazi re-enactors without good reason. Either way, Iott has re-learned a lesson about dressing up that he should’ve learned when he was a kid. Let’s just hope his son’s Nazi photos don’t show up on Facebook when he’s applying for college.


(Dr. Jason Johnson is an associate professor of political science and communications at Hiram College in Ohio, where he teaches courses in campaigns and elections, pop culture, and the politics of sports. He can be reached at

More Jason Johnson On W.E. A.L.L. B.E.:

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Understanding Black Attitudes Toward Homosexuality

Understanding Black Attitudes Toward Homosexuality
By George E. Curry
Oct 11, 2010

Are African-Americans less supportive of homosexuality than other racial and ethnic groups? The answer is an emphatic yes. But the reasons have more to do with religion than race.

“While the U.S. is generally considered a highly religious nation, African-Americans are markedly more religious on a variety of measures than the U.S. population as a whole, including level of affiliation with religion, attendance at religious services, frequency of prayer and religion’s importance in life,” observes a report titled, A Religious Portrait of African-Americans by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

 The report noted, “Nearly eight in ten African Americans (79%) say religion is very important in their lives, compared with 56% among U.S. adults. In fact, even a large majority (72%) of African-Americans who are unaffiliated with any particular faith say religion plays at least a somewhat important role in their lives, nearly half (45%) of unaffiliated African-Americans say religion is very important in their lives, roughly three times the percentage who says this among the religiously unaffiliated population overall (16%).”
And African-Americans are more likely to act on their religious beliefs.

“More than half of AfricanAmericans (53%) report attending religious services at least once a week, more than three-in-four (76%) say they pray on at least a daily basis and nearly nine-in-ten (88%) indicate they are absolutely certain that God exists. On each of these measures, African- Americans stand out as the most religiously committed racial or ethnic group in the nation,” the report stated.

Among the most religiously committed, no group is more committed than African-American women. The report found that 84 percent of Black women say religion is very important to them and 59 percent say they attend religious services at least once a week.

Given African Americans’ close affiliation with the church, it should come as no surprise that most Blacks oppose homosexuality.

“Blacks are much more likely to think that homosexuality is morally wrong (64%) than Whites (48%) or Hispanics (43%),” according to a Pew poll last year on civil unions and gay marriage.
Again, that should be placed within the larger context of religion.

“Overall, two-thirds of those who attend services at least weekly say homosexual behavior is morally wrong, compared with 43% of those who attend services monthly or yearly and 32% of those who seldom or never attend,” the report stated.

A survey released Wednesday that combines two recent polls by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press and the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life shows that 43 percent of the public favor same-sex marriage and 48 percent oppose it. The report, Gay Marriage Gains More Acceptance, represents the first time in the 15 years Pew has been polling that fewer than half of Americans oppose same-sex marriage.
“Blacks continue to oppose same-sex marriage by a wide margin,” the new report states. “In 2010, just 30% of non-Hispanic Blacks favor gay marriage while 59% are opposed. From 2008 to 2000, 28% of Blacks favored same-sex marriage and 62% were opposed.”

The number of African-Americans in favor of allowing gays to serve openly in the military has dropped from 57 percent in 1994 to 48 percent in 2010. Over the same period, White support increased from 51 percent to 63 percent.

There are other variations as well, with younger people and the better educated more likely to favor same-sex marriage than their older and less educated counterparts. Geography is a factor as well, with a majority Southerners opposed to same-sex marriage, the Midwest and West were about evenly divided and the Northeast supported gay marriage by a margin of 49 percent to 41 percent.

The new study did not address civil unions, which would give unmarried gay and lesbian couples many of the rights now enjoyed by married heterosexual couples. A Pew poll last year revealed that Blacks support civil unions over gay marriages, with 43 percent of Black Protestants in favor of civil unions and 49 percent opposed. Overall, 57 percent of Americans favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to enter into civil unions, up from 45 percent in 2003.

Interestingly, the poll on civil unions and gay marriage noted that 64 percent of Americans say gays and lesbians encounter a lot of discrimination, facing more discrimination than Muslims (58 percent), Latinos (52 percent), Blacks (49 percent) or women (37 percent).

Gregory B. Lewis of the Andrew Young School of Public Policy Studies at Georgia State University examined data from 31 public opinion polls conducted from 1973 and 2000, which involved nearly 7,000 Blacks and 43,000 Whites. In 2003, his analysis was published in Public Opinion Quarterly. Lewis concluded, “Despite their greater disapproval of homosexuality, African-American opinion on gay civil liberties and employment discrimination are quite similar to whites’ opinions, and African-Americans are more likely to support laws prohibiting anti-gay discrimination.”

Many African-Americans are influenced by the Bible and their religious leaders. Black preachers tend to address social issues such as school prayer, the death penalty and homosexuality more than their White counterparts.

In one survey, nearly 50 percent of African-American churchgoers reported that their pastors regularly expressed negative viewpoints toward homosexuality. In one Baltimore study, 68 percent of the Black respondents said their pastor had preached that homosexuality was a sin or immoral.

Ministers point to various passages of the Bible to justify their stand against homosexuality, including Romans 1:26-27, 1 Corinthians 6:9 and the most quoted Scripture on the subject, Leviticus 18:22, which reads, “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

In its 2009 report titled, At the Crossroads: African American Same Gender Loving Families and the Freedom to Marry, the National Black Justice Coalition, the nation’s only African-American gay civil rights organization, said: “The ‘homosexuality is a choice’ rhetoric is also preached by African-American ministers in their churches. Arguing that as a result gays are not entitled to certain rights and protections in the same way African-Americans are, creates a wedge between African-American and gay communities.”
To some, it is a wedge unlikely to disappear.

During a Freedom Weekend panel discussion earlier this year in Detroit, Anthony Samad, a scholar, social activist and columnist, told supporters of gays and lesbians: “…What you’re asking African Americans to do is go against their belief system, which is the church. Most of them believe a marriage should be between a man and a woman. You’re asking them to choose between your cause and their church.”


Concerning Our Father, Brother & Friend, Mr. Ernest Withers:Reactions From The Press...Part 3

2010 State Of The Black Union
“It Ain’t About Tavis, It’s About Us, & It's About Time!”