Thursday, October 07, 2010

Tha Artivist Be Droppin' The Knowledge On WRUG Radio...Listen Now!

Video: WRUG Radio The Round Table Show Featuring Tha Artivist, Check It Out!

Tha Artivist Is Becoming An In Demand Public Intellectual For The 21st Century

On Sunday evening Oct. 3, 2010, Tha Artivist was invited to break intellectual bread with the Round Table crew @ the internet radio sensation WRUG Radio broadcasting live out of Memphis,TN...The show was supposed to be Part 2 of an installment on Blacks participating in the Confederacy during The American Civil War...

However, we ended up talking about the state of Black America 2010 in general and in particular the state of Black Memphis 2010...We also touched on a lot things in between, all historically, politically, culturally  and socio-economically important when talking about our condition...We also touched upon solutions as well...It was a very inspired and marathon like conversation (it lasted almost 4 hours)...

As a matter of fact I think that this is  a conversation many of us are holding all over the country, whether it be in barbershops, churches, restaurants, the dinner table or the bedroom...These are the concerns our people and the media should be amplifying right now...I am blessed that the through the work of The W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Group Inc. and the conversations I am invited to have on such programs as WRUG Radio's Round Table program that I am able to share what I know with our beloved community.

It's going to take a village to save us all...Let's get free yall!!! 

Shoutouts to Bro. Kelly, Bro. AC, Bro. Spen Doc & Bro. Jett for making a brother feel at home!


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