Monday, October 18, 2010

W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: Rojeni: The Audition

Rojeni: The Audition

I would say that it is important for us as African Americans to not only learn about but to also reclaim our rightful heritage…You cannot build true generational wealth without being in control of your intellectual property and culture…To paraphrase Ayn Rand a culture is made or destroyed by its most articulate voices…

Rojeni is duty bound to not only properly represent the culture but to also help others add their own living legacies to that culture and tradition of excellence that still exists in our community and beyond…Rojeni should be seen as accessories and tools that can be used to not only accent one’s own individuality but also their connection to a greater community and diaspora history that has yet to get its full due and treatment by the masses…

Our history whether it be food, music, religion, sports, visual and performing arts and beyond has always been about reinvention or the rebirth of self. We are all potential cultural alchemists. The same way our ancestors reinvented the chicken and pig as being in demand foods of choice for the elite and masses alike or how Cassius Clay became Muhammad Ali or Malcolm Little became Malcolm X, we at Rojeni believe that we all posses the potential power to transform our lives and destiny by manifesting and nurturing our own unique paradigm and relationship with the universe.

I hope you all reading this will consider joining us in this new movement.
~Bro. Ron Tha Artivist

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