Sunday, October 31, 2010

Raising A Jazz Genius:Eric Dolphy's Parents Speak!

Eric Dolphy Bio @ Wikipedia:

Video: Eric Dolphy~Gee Wee


Interview With The Dolphys Part 1 Of 3


Interview With The Dolphys Part 2 Of 3

Interview With The Dolphys Part 3 Of 3

Complete version of my talk with Eric Sr. and Sadie Dolphy, at their house at 1593 W 36th St in Los Angeles, in 1975. We recorded this on Sony Portapak equipment on 1/2-inch black and white tape. My comrades later overwrote part of the tape, unfortunately. Mike Lastra and others recorded this while I asked the dumb questions. The 1/2-inch tape was transferred to VHS by Obsolete Tape Transfer Service in Philadelphia in the 1980s, and this was digitized from that VHS tape.

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