Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The 64th Anniversary Of #BirdLives: St. Bird & A Native Son Homecoming #Memphis200

"You can tell the history of jazz in four words: Louis Armstrong. Charlie Parker."~#MilesDavis

Today March 12 Is The 64th Anniversary Of The Passing Of A Troubled But Brilliant Man Into Legendary #GOAT Status & Myth...#CharlieParker Also Known As #YardBird Or #Bird Was His Name...He died in the #StanhopeHotel In NYC @ the home of the Baroness Pannonica de Koenigswarter aka 'The Jazz Baroness' who was a blood member of the (in)famous Rothschild Family Banking Dynasty...He allegedly died from a heart attack and pneumonia with a dose of cirrhosis of the liver while watching the Dorsey Brothers on TV...Another Jazz #GOAT & Founding Father Of #BeBop, #TheloniousMonk, would also die in her home on Feb. 17, 1982 in Englewood, NJ...Coincidence??? Somewhere!!! Although He Existed As A Mere Mortal For Only 34 Yrs (He Wore His Body Out So Much That The Coroner Thought He Was A 60 Yr Old Man), His Game Changing Genius Music Is Timeless & Immortal...Initiated by Black Beat poet #TedJoans, the phrase "#BIRDLives!!!" popped up as a graffiti all over NYC immediately after Parker's passing...Bird Does Indeed LIVES & HE IS #ForeverYoung MANE!!! He Along With A Chosen Select Few Created The Hip Vernacular For The Modern American Sound From The Mid 20th Century On By Remixing The American Songbook Via Creating NU & Dynamic Melodies Over Recognizable Harmonies From Popular Songs...Parker And Others Of His Generation Saw Themselves MOOR Than Just Being Mere Entertainers Or Court Jesters For Masses,They Saw Themselves As Serious Artists Who Were Creating Serious Art For Posterity....

Charlie Parker has Memphis roots: his father is from Memphis. His father was a talented song and dance man who excelled at playing the piano. His mother Addie was of African American and Choctaw Indian ancestry. It is often said by the elders ‘in the know’ that Charlie Parker was ‘CONCEIVED’ in Memphis but made his ‘DEBUT’ in Kansas City. I also have an interesting connection to Charlie Parker being that my paternal grandmother, great uncles and great aunts are from Kansas City and grew up with Charlie Parker. Charlie Parker frequented and played at business venues owned by my great Uncles. Bird would also visit my Aunt Tilly in Detroit for her famous cooking and other recreational activities. My Aunt Tilly was well known in jazz circles and her home was a ‘safe space’ for many jazz musicians to relax and just be themselves. My paternal grandmother as a teen also sang for the great Jimmie Lunceford Orchestra when they came to Kansas City. Jimmie Lunceford was the first high school band director in the Black Memphis City Schools at Manassas High School. The nucleus of his very popular swing band was formed from his best high school students and buddies from Fisk University.

After meditating over Charlie Parker's songs for several consecutive hours I manifested the drawing I call "St. Bird"...It Is Available To Be Purchased As:
A 11" x 17" Print For $20:

A T-Shirt In 11 Different Colors For $27...

I have also been approved on his death anniversary by the Memphis Brooks Museum to do 2 events in honor of Charlie Parker & Conceptual Artist #TerryAdkins entitled "Homecoming For A Native Son" which will premiere on April 10 (National Jazz Appreciation Month) & June 5 (National Black Music Month)...These programs will pay homage to Charlie Parker’s universal genius as well as to his Memphis and Mississippi Delta roots. This year of 2019 also marks the 200th Anniversary of Memphis’ founding...SEE HOW IT WORKS???