Tuesday, April 12, 2016

#REMEmBErFortPillow!!! @ASALHMEmphis Honors THE Martyrs On THE 152 Yr Anniversary Of THE MassacRE Which Took THE Lives Of 300 Black UNion Soldiers & THEir Families By Confederate Forces Led By General & First KKK Grand Wizard Nathan BEdford ForREst

Apr 12, 2016, Marks THE 152 Yr Anniversary Of THE ‪#‎FortPillowMassacRE‬...This Event OccurREd IN 1864 @ Fort Pillow,TN DurIN THE AMEriKKKan Civil War (Which Started April 12, 1861)...Over 300 Black UNion Soldiers & THEir Families (WoMEn & ChildREn) WERE Lynched & SlaughteREd By KKKonfederate Forces Led By THE INfamous Gen. Nathan BEdford ForREst....Black Soldiers WERE Not AlloWEd To SurREnder...ImagINe IF 300 Black Folks WERE Shot IN THE Back Or WITh THEir Hands Up By THE KKKops All At THE SaME TiME & You Would Get AN Idea Of THE AtrocITies CommITted...Asalh Memphis HonoREd THEse Brave MEn @ THEir SacREd Burial Place IN MEmphis National CeMEtary WITh A WREath LayINg CeREmony....This Was THE First TiME IN 152 Years That THEse Brave Ancestors WERE HonoREd IN This Fashion...THE CeREmony INcluded THE REadINg Of THE NaMEs Of THE Martyrs & HEroes, Color Guard PREsentation, 'Color ComMEntary' By MEmphis ASALH Pres. (Dr. ClaREnce Christian), THE PlayIN Of 'Taps' Via Trumpet By Yours Truly & THE PerformINg Of African Ancestral Drums By Bro. Ekpe Abioto...ME & Bro. Ekpe CombINed Forces To Do A Improv Musical Salute To THE Ancestors As WEll Which Will BE Posted Shortly...SoME Of THE Bodies ARE Buried IN UNmarked Mass Graves Due To THE ThUNderstorm That OccurREd IN 1867 WHEn THE Bodies WERE ExhuMEd & BEINg TransferREd From Fort Pillow To THEir CurREnt REstINg Place...THE Storm Washed THE NaMEs Off Many Of THE CoffINs Which WERE WrITten WITh Chalk...SoME Of THE Bodies I BElieve ARE Still @ Fort Pillow State Park...I Felt A Strong Ancestral PREsence At THE Fort WHEn I WEnt THERE Earlier This Year...Will ShaRE MOOR About That Experience Soon...Special Thanks To Tha Artivist's Mom, Queen Callie Herd, A Proud ASALH MEmBEr & Vice PREsident Of THE W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Group INc. For TakINg THE Lead On This ExtraordINary Project...SHE Was Able To, WITh THE HElp Of Our ASALH Chapter, CommUNITy EntITies, Local Small BusINesses, & Grassroots MINded INdividuals, To Pull This Event Off IN Less Than 2 WEeks...I Truly Felt That THE Ancestors WERE Truly Pleased WITh THE Effort... WE heart emoticon U Madly Sis. Callie Herd...W.E. A.L.L. B.E. News Was THE Only News EntITy To AnsWEr THE Call To Cover This Historic Event...WE Will Have MOOR Photos As WEll As Video & ComMEntary Available Soon...Stay Out Of TUNe To Stay IN TUNed!!! ‪#‎R2c2h2Says‬ ‪#‎REMEmBErFortPillow‬ ‪#‎NeverForGet‬