Sunday, November 15, 2020

WEALLBE TV: 105th Anniversary (11/14/2020), #DeathIn60Days: The #BookerTWashington Murder Conspiracy Exposed!!! With Author Sis. Paulette Davis-Horton, RN BSN

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W.E. A.L.L. B.E. TV: Death In 60 Days: The Booker T. Washington Murder Conspiracy Exposed!!!
11/14/2020 Marks The 105th Anniversary Of The Mysterious Death Of Booker T. Washington

Featured Guest...

Sis. Paulette Davis-Horton aka 'The History Lady' author of 'Death In 60 Days: Who Silenced Booker T. Washington?'

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This book traces the last days of the life of Booker T. Washington, Founder of Tuskegee Institute now known as Tuskegee University. He was on vacation in Mobile, Alabama from Sept. 18, 1915 through Oct. 1, 1915 where he relaxed, fished and hunted. On October 17, 1915 he made his last speech to the student body on the importance of teamwork. His last public appearance was in New Haven, CT. on Oct. 25, 1915. A week later while in New York the newspapers reported that he had a nervous breakdown and was aging rapidly. The hospital record dated November 1, 1915 stated that he had no mental symptoms. After reviewing all the documentation using various sources, a professional nurse will show that Booker T. Washington was the victim of a cleverly planned assassination. Additionally, the death of this leader is associated with the 40 year Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This book is very thought provoking and interesting. It will make you want to look deeper into the story. The reader will see how this great leader enjoyed a restful vacation along the Gulf Coast and within 60 days he was dead and buried. His death changed the course of American history. See if you can figure out "WHO SILENCED BOOKER T. WASHINGTON?"

About The Author

Sis. Paulette Davis-Horton has been a registered nurse for over 20 years. She is the author of the history book called "Avenue: The Davis Avenue Story" and the co-author of "In Memory of You-An Educational Legacy", a book which highlights school names in Mobile, Alabama. She is currently completing a history of the historic black churches in Mobile, Alabama. Upon retirement she plans to become a preschool teacher.


As you read the book and listen to the broadcast here are some questions that you should ponder:

1.) Is Booker T. Washington actually buried at Tuskegee University?

2.) How are secret societies such as ‘Skull and Bones’ and ‘The Boule’ connected to Booker T. Washington’s career and death?

3.) How is Booker T. Washington’s death connected to the infamous Tuskegee Experiment?

4.) What is the NAACP’s connection to Booker T. Washington’s death?

5.) What individuals or organizations benefited from Booker T. Washington’s death?

6.) Why were there two caskets at Booker T. Washington’s funeral?

7.) Why was there a floral arrangement shaped like a pyramid with a cross on top of Booker T. Washington’s grave?

8.) Was Booker T. Washington a victim of body theft and organ harvesting?

9.) Was the illuminati involved in Booker T. Washington’s death? If so how?

10.) Was Booker T. Washington a blood sacrifice?

11.) Why did a sizable number of people connected to Booker T. Washington’s professional life commit ‘suicide’ or died mysterious or unexplainable deaths?

12.) What is meant when it is stated in the media and medical documents of the era that Booker T. Washington was suffering and died from ‘racial characteristics’?

13.) Was Booker T. Washington’s death an inside job?

14.) What role does numerology play in the life and death of Booker T Washington?

15.) During Booker T. Washington’s time in New York why was there conflicting telegrams sent back to Tuskegee concerning his health status?

16.) Why did two New York City Newspapers offer different accounts concerning Booker T. Washington’s health status? 

17.) Why are key original medical documents and correspondences missing from several important archives including the U.S. Library of Congress that are related to Booker T. Washington' last days and death?

18.) Was Booker T. Washington treated at St. Luke's Hospital or the Rockefeller Institute for his mystery illness?

19.) Does It Really Matter???


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