Friday, August 04, 2006

What's Wrong With My People???

Check out this timeless message by Ms. Callie Taylor Herd and then check out her college preparation/scholarship/jobs/internship opportunities website at

Guys, I have been posting on this forum for under a month, as each day go by, I get sadden, because I want to know "What's Wrong with my People?". Is it because we dare not to obtain knowledge? Will we continue to doom our self in jealousy, or self-destructions? As I look through and review many of the postings, I see that a lot of what we do is circulate unfounded rumors and gossips about things just to get a buzz.
I am told when I see someone succeeding that I wish them well and then know that I too have the opportunity to achieve as well. We must stop trying to analyze only on the haves and what they should or should not receive in opportunities.

I hope that we would go back into the 60's movement of gaining knowledge, education, self-worth and all of those great Ideologies. Just think where we would be if we did.
The key to our success is "knowledge". As I always tell everyone I talk to, "knowledge is power if used properly". We must stop being envious of "knowledge" but rather embrace it and learn.

I have been trying to push the knowledge of how to obtain an education, but yet because my Title is not "breath taking" it gets looked over or because school doesn't start in most cases until August, it is too early to review. We must learn and share now, there are many kids and parents, that just don't know. Let us start passing on valuable information and see how our kids grow.

I say to my brothers and sisters, you must approach "knowledge" now because the children are our future. We must assist in helping them to stop destroying one another. A mind is a very terrible thing to waste. Knowledge doesn't care where you come from, but what's important is that you use it correctly.

I have created an infrastructure of knowledge on my blog regarding getting prepared, educated
and trying to obtain a future. The blog is located at I even created a 37-page college preparation document that takes you step by step for a 12th grader planning to attend college.

In addition to getting our education, we must also learn our history and that is what my son is trying to do in his Alternative News blog: W.E. A.L.L. B.E. located at

Please know that I truly love my people and wouldn't try this hard to get the information out if I didn't care. We must go back to the village approach and help all of our children and guide them to the better side of life. Everyone has a gift or talent, but in many cases we don't use them.

It doesn't matter what the child's financial or economical background is, he or she deserves the chance to make it in life. They should never be doomed before they start. Let us debate on how we are going to solve the problem. It is good to have once a year gathering for the unfortunate, but let us also try to build an infrastructure that will allow them to succeed. In the blog ( is a start, so let us read and digest the knowledge. It does work and I used it personally in my preparation for my kids.

In closing, please don't take my posting as a negative, but know that "I believe in us and the impossible", let us start obtaining knowledge and sharing with others.
May you be blessed abundantly....

Words of Wisdom from Tha Artivist Mom, The 21st Century Nannie Burroughs!!!

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