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An Opportunity To Take That Trip To Africa This Summer...

Let's Get It Together! Inc.
Are YOU Ready For The Challenge?
July 14, 2007 - August 4, 2007
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What is LGIT Inc.?
2007 LGIT Tour Details
How Much Does It Cost?
Food for Thought...
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Greetings avery,
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What are you doing this summer?

Working? Internships? Road Trips? Why not go to East Africa for 3 weeks with a small group of your peers- intelligent, socially conscious, and ambitious? Begin learning a different language, learn about the change that is happening in East Africa, get to know the 'real people', and share your talents and knowledge with people committed to change from around the world!
You will definitely leave wanting to return, and with new perspective about yourself and the world around you.
You have received this email because you requested more information about this trip. You may have also received it because a colleague, friend or family member thought you might be interested.
Read over this email and give me a call. This is a unique opportunity and I'd love to answer any questions you may have about it.
Peace & Blessings
Avery Brewton, Founder & CEO
Let's Get It Together! Inc.
Who Is LGIT Inc.?
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LGIT is an acronym for the affirmation- Let's Get It Together! This is a personal and collective call for action for social and economic change in our communites and a renewed engagement in global issues affecting the African Diaspora world wide.
LGIT Inc. is a non profit organization dedicated to enabling more Africans of the Diaspora to experience the African continent through service, promotion, scholarship, and program development. Our programs are also designed to combat the lack of knowledge and involvement in study abroad opportunites among students and to encourage interest in African countries.

LGIT! Tour 2007: Culture, Development, & Environment

Tentative Dates: July 14, 2007 - August 4, 2007

famu student on mt. Explore Kenya and Tanzania, East Africa on this 3 week cross cultural experiential experience that goes beyond a safari or vacation tour. Get to know the people and challenges of a nation that finds itself trying to balance living in an increasingly globalized society and retaining a traditional cultural existence. How are the youth receiving access to education and technology? Which grassroots organizations are creating sustainable development? Who are the people behind the local community groups and how are they coming together to support each other? You won't find a safari on this trip because East Africa has so much more to offer! Travel with a crew of your peers - young visionary leaders dedicated to creating a socially and economically responsible global community. Share your know-how with your East African counterparts as we travel throughout the region providing forum, concert, and workshop opportunities!

This is a cultural immersion tour designed for small groups of first time travelers and based on public service and experiential education. Combining hands-on projects, language sessions, collaborative community forums, and social events, LGiT Tours are an excellent gateway into international development and studying abroad. Participants will travel to Kenya and Tanzania, East Africa for a life changing 3 week journey into the lives, issues,and lessons to be learned from rural and urban communities throughout the East African region. LGiT Tour 2007 promises to be an experience that will last a lifetime.

Join us this year!

LGiT, Inc is now accepting applications from visionary women and men to participate in the 1st Annual LGiT Tour 2007. The LGiT Team will consist of 10 men and women of African American and Hispanic American descent from across the United States.

Applications are due APRIL 13, 2007.
How Much Does This Experience Cost?
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The LGiT! Tour Package Includes:

-Roundtrip international airfare from Atlanta, GA to Nairobi, KE
-Lodging accommodations & Daily Meals
-Experienced English Speaking tour guides
-Introductory Kiswahili course
-All Visa Fees
-All in-country transportation*
-Most activity & entrance fees
-An investment fund to launch a small Enterprise Loan Program**
-The LGiT Project 2007 digital photo diary


The cost of the three week tour is set tentatively at $2,500***
Nonrefundable deposit of $200 is due by April 20, 2007 to secure your space.

* This refers to all major transportation (train fare, tour bus, etc.) .**Fees do not include passport, vaccination shots, physical exam, traveler's medical and life insurance, communication costs- phone, calling cards, etc. ***Due to fluctuating gas and plane costs, air fare will DEFINITELY increase.

Food for Thought...
school boys "We now stand at...a place where we must either step forward or backward. If we goes backward we die; if we goes forward it will be with the hope of a greater life. Those of us who have developed our minds are compelled, by duty, to step out among the millions of the masses... The time has come for those of us who have the vision of the future to inspire our people to a closer kinship, to a closer love of self, because it is only through this appreciation of self will we be able to rise..."
~Marcus Garvey

Let's Get It Together!

"We are the leaders that we are waiting for!" ~Susan Taylor, Essence Magazine

Peace & Blessings,
Avery T. Brewton,
Founder & CEO, Let's Get It Together Inc.
phone: 850.322.8470
fax: 504.894.8712
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