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Can We All Just Get Along??? Pt 2 Of Barack Hussein Obama Ain't No Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

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This Is What Some People Said In Response To My Pt. 1 Reply:

All politics is local and sometimes things do start on a smaller scale and grow...look at the war movement....the opposition to the war at first, it was small and now it has grown to a force to reckoned with. I understand that there are global issues, but most issues start small and build over time. Look at the civil rights movement, its wasn't something that started with Ms. Parks. The fight for civil rights started in small communites across the country and grew to be a world changing movement. ~M.W.

Ok just a quickie ... I take issue with your (Ron) assertion that change comes
from those "closest to you" therefore there should be more focus on
local officials. I agree with the organizing bit but not organizing to
elect school board officials. Local officials are unquestionably more
accountable, however it is patent absurdity to suggest that National
level politics not receive as much attention as it does given war,
trade law, labor law, etc.

In this world, we really need to be thinking globally ... Anyway more

Your boy Ron is pretty deep...is site is cool too. I like the distinction between visionary and politician...

We should highlight him as EL and pub all of the sites and blogs he has and then get him to blast us to his network...~R.M.S.

You are truly G-R-E-A-T! Thanks for this awesome contribution. ~A.C.

Ladies And Gentlemen, Pundits And Scholars Here Is Part Two:

Hey Everybody,
Can We All Just Get Along???

Anyways I don't take offense to any of this dialogue at all...I definitely agree with Mr. Washington observations, but I can also say to Mr. Smith that we can all agree to disagree...I think Crutch did a wonderful job in providing a platform where we all can connect...Crutch is the bridge over troubled waters and I really do respect her alot and what she is trying to do to make the world a better place...As a matter of fact I respect everybody on this e-mail list because evidently Crutch thought highly enough of you to get your opinions which in my mind's eye means that you all are truly great and phenomenal people like Crutch even if you don't agree with what I had to say...

My main point of what I was trying to say yesterday is to para phase the great Kwame Toure a.k.a. Stokley Carmichael that we are the leaders that we are looking for...You don't have to wait to see who is President to know something ain't right and that you, we all, need to make an effort to better the world by bettering ourselves first...It's like some wise people told me, First you take care of self, then your family, then your community and then the world...You can't save nobody or nothing else if you can't save yourself first...That's called self preservation and not selfishness....

I didn't know who Barack Obama was until 2004 when he gave that moving speech @ the Democratic National Convention..When I first heard that powerful speech I thought by 2012 that he will be the first "openly" African American President of the U.S...However, Obama had a political career before 2004 and it started on the Streets of Chicago in the Land of Lincoln long before I would venture many of us on this list were familiar with him or knew of his existence...That means before he could become a U.S. Senator and possibly U.S. President that he had to get local people in his community to support and vote for him...

This is nothing new because that was the same for Adam Clayton Powell Jr. who had an amazing and legendary ability to organize and sustain grassroots movements in New York which enabled him to become in 1945 the first elected person of color to the U.S. Congress from a Northern state outside of Illinois...He helped in one session to pass a still record 50 bills because he was given a mandate by the people of his district and the country to do so...That is what grassroots organizing and movements are all about, taking the power from the US Corporations and given the voice and power back to We The People...

Mr. Washington brought up Ms. Parks if you look at the true history of the Montgomery Bus Boycott Dr. King was elected by the people of Montgomery's Black Community to be the leader of that famous boycott movement...As a matter of fact Dr. King who was just 26 and relatively new to the area at the time was hesitant but because of the insistence and persistence of people like E.D Nixon head of the local Montgomery NAACP and others he finally gave in and accepted his role as the leader....And this act changed the course of history...So without grass roots organizing Dr. King would not become the leader that he eventually became without the supportive environment created by many people now forgotten to history as a platform to showcase Dr. King's formidable talents and brilliance...Dr. King could not have achieved the things that he did without people in their communities making all types of sacrifices (sometimes the ultimate sacrifice) for him to gain the momentum he needed to get his important message out...In other words it takes a village...

So Crutch I thank you with all my heart for allowing us a platform to express ourselves!!! In the spirit and camaraderie of Ella Baker and Bayard Rustin I salute you!!! Stay strong and beautiful sister...

R2C2H2 a.k.a Bro. Ron

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