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Each One Teach One On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio...O7/08/07

This Month's Theme On W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio: Revelations And Great Expectations...

Sis. Sherie Said:

Hey Bro,

You are the man! What a delightful experience that interview was. Howard was right, what a great trio we were. Age differences, parts of the country, educations and race. I learned a lot.

My mother taught me to write real thank you letters - you know, the snail mail type. Where do I send one to you? Do you produce your show? If not, who is your producer, too, please.

Thank you for expanding my horizons.

I'm glad I'm your sis.

Sis. Shamontiel Said:

I enjoyed the last show you invited me on, but this one is my favorite because I got to talk about my passion for education, the Harlem Renaissance, and you had some great guests on there to educate people on voting and diversity. Thank you for inviting me on and letting me get some information out there. As for your other guest, what an intelligent and thought-provoking conversationalist Sherie is. The person who called in had some great views as well, and I'm glad he called in to share his thoughts. You've got a great show on your hands and some of the most relevant topics to date. Keep doing you, and I'll keep listening.

Tha Artivist Writes:

On Sunday July 8, 2007 intergenerational reaching and teaching was definitely the order of the day on Tha Artivist Presents…W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio…Yours truly had the honor and privilege of sharing the airwaves with two passionate women of the written word and the valiant deed…Sis. Sherie Lebedis and Sis. Shamontiel Vaughn definitely went together like Ebony and Ivory…Not only do these beautiful kindred spirits share a love for writing but they also have a passion for speaking truth to power and activism on the college campus and beyond…

Sis. Sherie talked about her experiences as a middle class White suburbanite from California registering rural Black voters in South Carolina during the turbulent 1960s…She also talked about her experiences as the only White student @ Allen University, a Historically Black College/University (HBCU) in Columbia, South Carolina during the 1960s as well…

Sis. Shamontiel, an alum of Lincoln University in Jefferson City, Missouri another HBCU respectively, shared her experiences as a student activist on a mission at her first college of choice , Northern Michigan University…She shared with us her inspiring story of actually changing the curriculum requirements to stress the importance of African American Studies and diversity in an overwhelmingly White student population through her one woman protest and letter writing campaign…Although she transferred to Lincoln University her efforts were not in vain as you will hear in this interview…She also talked about going to a HBCU where half the student population was White (quite different from Sis. Sherie’s experiences @ Allen University in the 1960s)…

Other Topics We Touched Upon Include:
American Culture
The Consequences of Brown v. Board Decision

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Our Scheduled Featured Guests Were...

1.) Civil Rights Movement Veteran, Activist, Author And Educator Sherie Labedis
(Sherie Holbrook)

SCLC, SCOPE, South Carolina, 1965-66

I was a voter registration worker in rural Berkeley County, SC. I walked miles and encouraged entire farming communities to register and vote. We helped the local workers de-segregate restaurants. We helped people fill out confusing paperwork. We were witnesses to the fact that white people are not all prejudiced.

I went south feeling like I was taking freedom to the people I would find there. Instead they taught me wisdom, patience and endurance. I attended Allen University, an African Methodist Episcopal college in Columbia, SC. I was the only white student. I became a U.S. history teacher and retired after 35 years to write a book about my experiences. My story "A Line in the Sand" was published in Chicken Soup for the African American Woman's Soul.

2.) Author Extraordinaire, Entrepreneur And Enamored With The Culture Of Hip Hop Shamontiel L. Vaughn a.k.a. Maroon Sista

ABOUT THE NOVEL Change For A Twenty:
Growing up is hard enough, but when six completely opposite people meet to argue, cry, laugh, pledge, fight, and hang together on a Historically Black College campus, a bond is formed. Seleste is a college junior with her own place, no boyfriend, and determined to hold on to her virginity. Her best friend, Cara, is a college junior who lives in the dorms, has an on-again off-again boyfriend, Arnez, and thinks sex is the answer to all her problems. Travis, nicknamed Memo, is a troubled senior from New York who came to Chicago, running from his fathers past as a crooked cop. Jermaine wants to join a fraternity and O wants to get rid of the Super Senior trait hes earned. Change for a Twenty is a fiction novel set in Chicago about six college friends, two nemeses, and the path to adulthood.

Check out Shamontiel L. Vaughn's debut on W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio:

Also, feel free to visit to find out more background information on the author and the book.

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