Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Please Join W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio Live Sept. 30, Sun. @ 4PM CST/5PM EST~Jena 6 Update And Identifying Other Jena 6s Of The 21st Century

September's Theme Is "We Are Bridge Builders..."

Please Join Us Once Again As We Take A Look At The 'Just Us' System As Well As At The Power Of The Internet To Empower the Masses By Disseminating The Information That The Mainstream Corporate Media Doesn't Want You To Have On This Upcoming Sunday's Edition Of Tha Artivist Presents...W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Radio...

1.) We Will Be Having Another Jena 6 Update

Our Guests For That Segment Includes...

Last Week Mychal Bell (Pictured Above) Was Denied Bail...

A.) Bro. Marcus Jones , the father of Bro. Mychal Bell, the only Jena 6 member who is still in prison and was denied bail last week after a successful Jena 6 Rally.

B.) Bro. Dell Hickman, the attorney for Jena 6 Member Bryant Ray Purvis

2.) Internet Campaigning And Grassroots Organizing Gets A Wrongly Convicted Black Man Off Death Row In TEXAS!!!
Learn how the internet and grassroots organizing helped save a wrongfully convicted Black man, Kenneth Foster, from getting executed by the State of Texas on August 30, 2007...

Kenneth And His Daughter
Learn More About The Kenneth Foster Case On W.E. A.L.L. B.E.:

Visit To Find Out What's Happening Now With The Kenneth Foster Case...

Our Special Guest For This Segment Will Be...
A.) Bro. Alex Billet~ A journalist who was active in writing articles about the Kenneth Foster case...He is also a music journalist and activist living in
Washington D.C. He is a frequent contributor to Dissident Voice and
Znet, and has also appeared in Socialist Worker, CounterPunch and MR
Zine. His blog Rebel Frequencies can be viewed at, and he may be reached at:

Read other articles by Alexander, or visit
Alexander's website.’s-songs-of-freedom/

3.) Mississippi Burning Again...This Time It's Voter Fraud...
It's 2007 But It Seems Like 1957!!! On August 10, 2007 Sis. Louise Linzy, the first Black woman police officer in Tunica County, Ms. (home of the second largest gambling mecca in the country behind Las Vegas) was denied another historic achievement when the county refused to count votes that would have made her the first Black as well as woman judge in Tunica County...

Our Special Guest Will Be...
A.) Sis. Louise Linzy

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Unknown said...

I'm all over it. I've spread the word on

Unknown said...

After Goodstorm contacted me, I will no longer suggest or support their website by sending money to them. I will however send money directly to the Jena 6 Defense Fund. Here is the message that I received from Goodstorm:

Dear Shamontiel L. Vaughn, I am very surprised to receive this email, and I am also rather offended by it because I have personally been working day and night (and weekends) since the Jena 6 campaign began. Our entire staff have been working around the clock to ensure that everyone gets their shirts as soon as possible, and to deal with all customer service emails in a timely manner. We have taken time and efforts away from many other areas of our company because we all feel very strongly about this cause. The organization that will be donating the profit they make from Jena 6 t-shirt sales to the Jena 6 defense fund is ColorOfChange. They set up the Jena 6 store (with my assistance) and huge numbers of people have bought the shirt to support to support the cause. Goodstorm provides a platform to sell shirts at no upfront cost, and we would be well within our usual schedule to provide ColorOFChange their commission payment even if we hadn't sent it yet. Having said that, I believe we did already send them their first commission payment specifically because this issue is so time sensitive.

I will not be able to confirm this until tomorrow. It is not our responsibility to police ColorOfChange and ensure that they are using the payments they way they say they will, but I am very confident that they will. None the less, I will gladly follow up on this issue to ensure that any funds raised by the Jena 6 t-shirt campaign are promptly paid by ColorOfChange to the defense fund. As I said, I am sure they will, but this issue is not really Goodstorm's business. The fact that you have threatened to publicly tarnish Goodstorm's name is our business and we would be extremely upset if you decide to do so. It would be counter productive, and false to claim that Goodstorm is doing anything other than our all to support the Jena 6 kids. We are certainly not withholding any of the money that ColorOFChange raises for this project, suggesting otherwise would be a lie. Also, criticizing Goodstorm or ColorOfChange with regards to this issue could have a direct and detrimental effect on both organizations, which in turn, would mean less t-shirt sales and ultimately less money for the Jena 6 defense fund related to our t-shirt campaign. The agreement between ColorOfChange and the Jena 6 defense fund and/ or the parents of the Jena 6 kids is not 100 % clear to me, but if you would like to find out exactly what the agreement is, please contact ColorOFChange. I would appreciate a reply to this email confirming that you will not make any false claims about Goodstorm DBA Society Cafe. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Regards, Robin Harris, Manager of Operations

This was the response that I put on Associated Content:

Now readers who contact me, you can feel free to do whatever you so choose, but I didn't appreciate the tone of the response from Goodstorm, I find it rather odd that the father who needed the money most to get Bell out of jail said he has not seen this money. There are so many people who have contacted me asking where to send money to the defense fund just from reading these articles. Whether and are doing so, that's on them. Actually that's between those two companies and Jena 6. I'll cut out the middle man and send my donations directly to the Jena 6 Defense Fund, so there will be no questions about who gets what.