Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Lloyd Gaines: The Forgotten Civil Rights Veteran Who Literally Disappeared Off The Face Of The Earth...

"I have found that my race still likes to applaud, shake hands, pat me on the back and say how great and noble is the idea: how historical and socially important the case but — and it ends."

"Off and out of the confines of the publicity columns, I am just a man — not one who has fought and sacrificed to make the case possible: one who is still fighting and sacrificing — almost the 'supreme sacrifice' to see that it is a complete and lasting success for thirteen million Negroes — no! — just another man. Sometimes I wish I were just a plain, ordinary man whose name no one recognized."
~ Excerpt Of Bro. Lloyd Gaines' Last Letter To His Mother...

A gifted scholar, Gaines graduated from Vashon High School (St. Louis) in just three years. While waiting to attend law school, he earned a graduate degree in economics from the University of Michigan.

Months after his Supreme Court victory against the University of Missouri, Lloyd Gaines disappeared — never to be seen again. A portrait of Gaines (pictured here) now hangs at the university's law school.

Tha Artivist Says: Without The Trailblazing Sacrifices Of Bro. Lloyd Gaines There Would Be No Brown V. Board, Little Rock Nine, Ruby Bridges, Or James Meredith...But Just At The Height Of His Fame And Hard Fought And Earned Entry Into University Of Missouri Law School, Bro. Lloyd Gaines Disappears Off The Face Of The Earth...Honor The Sacrifices Of This Ancestor By Learning More About His Story...Check Out This Brilliant Article By Chad Garrison Of The St. Louis Riverfront Times

The Mystery Of Lloyd Gaines:

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