Monday, September 22, 2008

"Jena", A Poem By The Poetician...


My friend,

My brother. . .

You are still crying. . .

in a darkened cell

accused of merely being


Once again, they have descended

upon us

wearing the robes of Klansmen

and representatives of the law.

They say they are decent, hard-working white citizens concerned

about decency and fairness,

though they bear the slogans of Jim Crow and Jefferson Davis.

Once more, the South is a battleground.

Only this time the Confederacy's

advocates hide

behind subtleties and fabricated statistics.

They deny that racism still exists in our America

and that we are truly the greatest country on earth.

Yet, their children hang nooses for humor,

and smear epithets of hatred across your face.

At every corner,

you are beaten and spat upon,

kicked by polished boots or torn sneakers

while the townspeople can only shake their heads.

You are dragged about as your mother screams and your brothers are


"Poor boy," is all that some can say.

You are humiliated and laughed at,

called a "coon" or "nigger,"

If you rise up, the regular folk will all condemn you

for being a rabble-raiser.

and starting nagging conversations on CNN or Fox

Yet you are an American

and a man who bleeds

You have lifted yourself up for centuries

You are the scream that pierces through the

Southern night.

Your hand is clinched into a fist,

though your voice is a more powerful weapon.

It drifts alongside the words of Martin

whose dream is yet unfulfilled.

Your strength rallies,

though you know that there is only


against the night's vast indifference.

Yet, from your hopes

are born possibilities,

and in your resolve

there arise new movements.

Yet, from your solitude,

you look upwards,

into a young child's face,

and can only greet

him with tears

and the knowledge that America

is still not free.

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