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Did Memphis Politrixs Undermine The Youngest Candidate???

George Monger Ran For Memphis City Council In 2007...He Is Now A Subject Of A Featured Movie, The Youngest Candidate Directed & Produced By Michael Moore Protege Jason Pollock

Reported by Andrew Douglas

Documentary Accuses Memphis Politicians Of Dirty Tricks

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - When it comes to politics in Memphis, Mid-South politicians have often been accused of dirty tricks, but never in Hollywood film - until now.

In the new documentary "The Youngest Candidate," a producer insists dirty tricks were played on the youngest candidate for an empty Memphis City Council seat last year.

But were they "tricks," or just the political process?

In the film, with fellow filmmaker Michael Moore on hand, producer Jason Pollock profiles several teens that ran for public office last year, including Memphis' George Monger.

Monday, Monger talked to Action News 5 about the film.

"It shows politics and how quickly things can change," he said.

Pollock says the film will reveal "dirty tricks" played on Monger by Janis Fullilove and radio host Thaddeus Matthews

"I appreciated Thaddeus encouraging me to run," Monger said. "I didn't have a big-funded campaign, so when you think someone's there to help you, you'd think they'd help you."

Monday, Thaddeus Matthews claimed Monger wanted free advertising on his radio show.

"I did some things for him because I've known his father for a number of years," Matthews said. "He was being followed around with this production company. Apparently they did not want to invest in his campaign. I couldn't do free."

Fullilove, who won the city council election against Monger and several other candidates, said she encouraged him in the political process and insisted there were no dirty tricks.

"Every opportunity on the campaign trail I would encourage him," she said. "I said, 'I'm going to whoop the pants off of you, but keep on doing what you're doing. You know one day you're message will be heard.'"

Monger remains politically active. He currently attends college, and plans to attend law school and campaign again.

"I'm preparing a state representative run after I graduate," he said. "In fact, I've got campaign contributions already."

The film, produced by David Letterman's production company 'Worldwide Pants' is scheduled to open nationally on Friday.


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