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From The Honorable Sis. Cynthia McKinney: Forum For Palestine, An Initial Report...

Hello, as you know I am in Malaysia upon th invitation of former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir and his wife, Tun Dr. Siti. The information presented today in the Forum for Palestine was compelling, so much so that one of the doctors could not contain his sadness, anguish, and love. I say love, because anyone in the medical profession who would take the time to go to Gaza, in the middle of a war, and refuse to leave the Rafah checkpoint until the Egyptian authorities allowed them in demonstrates a pure love of mankind. I will make a more complete report later, after I have had the opportunity to completely digest what I saw today. I want to share just a bit of it with you now.

Tun Dr. Mahathir's organization, "Criminalise War," ( found two Jordanian volunteer doctors who were in Gaza at the time of the Israeli bombing. They made startling revelations today about the kinds of injuries that they witnessed; in short, never before had they seen these types of injuries. They conclude that Israel was using new and even more lethal weapons on the Palestinians trapped in Gaza. Here is an except of their report with all photos deleted:

Jordanian volunteer doctors to Gaza
From 10-January-2009 to 18-January-2009
Shifa Hospital in Gaza

We were witnesses to a crime against defenceless people, with limited resources. We feel it is our duty to tell the world about the brutality of what happened there. Maybe, we could help the world see for itself the need to bring back justice and peace to those who have been victimized, while the world was watching silently.

More than 5,000 people were receiving treatment for injuries that occurred during the attacks. The hospital could not accommodate them all

Jordanian doctors at Al Shifa' Hospital in Gaza say they had to deal with burns and injuries they have never seen before

Injuries were strange; everything indicated the use of Internationally banned weapons.

Victims came with burns from white phosphorus. An element that keeps burning as long as oxygen is available, destroying the skin and deep tissues. It does not stop till it ruins the bones. Injuries did not heal, even after treatment.

But even stranger were the Dense Inert Metal Explosives (DIME) injuries. It is an experimental kind of explosive. DIME shrapnel penetrate the body and explode inside destroying all the tissues and organs in its way.

He was a man

He was brought to the emergency room with half a brain. The other half was scattered all over his clothing. He was dead. She stood there like a pillar of stone and asked about him. I could not bring myself to describe his condition to her, so I said he was a martyr. She cried... she said, they had been married only for 3 months and wished she was pregnant.

Brutal Amputations

He is 17 years old, he came into the hospital at 180 Cms in height and left at only 80...(bilateral Amputation above the knees)


She was a mother... we will never be able to tell her age, she had been turned to a block of carbon, along with her four children.

Brutal Amputations

She was 7 month pregnant, her right leg had been shattered. The baby was distressed. We amputated the leg above the knee. The baby is a girl... she is beautiful...her name is hope.

Tens of similar stories repeating themselves again and again.

The following slides, include highly disturbing pictures. Viewer discretion is advised

"There's a very strong suspicion that Gaza is now being used as a test laboratory for new weapons" Norwegian doctors in Gaza

This has been a cruel war, it left a lot of destruction and death

The Palestinians have evolved through 60 years of oppression into survivors. They have been deprived of even the basic needs. The only thing left to them is hope

They need your support in keeping their cause alive and help rebuild the destroyed infrastructure especially hospitals and orthopedic prostheses.

Please keep that hope alive


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