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Sis. Callie Herd: It Will Take The Planters For The Harvest To Grow...

It Will Take The Planters For The Harvest To Grow...
by Sis. Callie Herd
2008 W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Artivist Of The Year

I released an email invite for my new social network, Planning and Preparing for College located at The purpose of the network is to allow people to utilize the Internet and create a holding place to share opportunities and thoughts. My overall goal is that you use the blog, Planning and Preparing for College (Scholarships, Internships, Etc) located at My goal is to make the blog accessible to anyone needing the information.

I give a special thank-you to Reginald O'Kelley, who has been an inspiration and dedicated in spreading my blog to over 1,000 people in his mailing list on a regular basis. Reginald, God works in mysterious ways, I ran into one of your classmates, Joyce Crawford and she raved about you and how you were keeping them informed. A past alumni of yours, the late Ms. Katherine Perry Thomas would be very proud of you and happy to know that you are trying to bring back the old Manassas energy. Ms. Thomas stated in an interview with my son Ron:

"the joy she had of teaching her alma mater, Manassas High School, during the 40s and 50s…She said her school produced some of the best and the brightest in the country...Many of these kids continued their education at some of the best colleges in the nation…It was nothing for these kids to go to schools such as Spelman, Morehouse , Howard, Harvard, Stanford and Yale"

Reginald I feel that you can be the person that ignite the flame that allows the others to bring back the traditional way that Manassas students prepare for life. Reginald with your large viewer/reader group, I would like to see if you can challenge them to help the students to learn how to use the Internet as it relates to accessing the blog and help to enroll them in the various opportunities for scholarships, internships, etc. It is my hope that Manassas will participate in the 2010 BioMedical Symposium. I know you have potential students that want to go into the BioMedical and medical fields.

In addition, featured an article I posted: Major Deadlines Approaching -- March 15th through March 31st -- $$$ Still Available. It is located at

“Dear Babs” of campus compare, reference my blog as a resource in one of her replies to her viewers. The link is below: .

Below is an article I wrote called: "It Will Take the Planters for the Harvest to Grow":
I again, thank you for taking the time to join the Social Network, "Planning and Preparing for College". The goal of the network is to make a connection with those who have the passion to go beyond and have the desire to help anyone needing to obtain valuable information regarding college preparation, scholarships, internships, and summer programs.

I am currently reaching out to you, because it is the "Planters" that will plant the "seeds" and properly maintain them so that they can grow to become beautiful flowers. Planters take pride in each seed and does it with unconditional love and devotion. The goal of the "Planters" is to help to ensure that the harvest will be blessed and plentiful for all and to continue to offer "hope for a better tomorrow".

I ask that you continue to pray for me and my family as I do you. The road is not easy, but I gladly take on the challenge of sharing with others. We are in a state of an emergency to get the legacies and their families back on track. In the end, "a mind is a terrible thing to lose."

March and early April is when a lot of major scholarships, internships, fellowships and summer programs wrap-up. Currently there are many people who have not applied, don't know how to apply and who don't think they qualify. I ask that you take the time to personally share Planning and Preparing for College (Scholarships, Internships, Etc) with your friends, church members, co-workers, students, etc.

Parents and students should be educated on the value of attending summer programs. A good reason to attend a summer program is that it allows the student to see if they want to attend the school when they go to college or eliminate the school from their list of schools.

I encourage students to attend summer programs out of town, so that they can get out of their normal comfort zone and see the other cities and states within the US and know that whatever selection they make that they should weigh all their options. Students should not get discouraged that the program may say Engineering, but know that within the program it teaches "Math and Science".

In closing, continue to share the blog, Planning and Preparing for College (Scholarships, Internships, Etc) located at

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