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Remembering Freedom Fighter Kwame Ture...


"If we are to consider ourselves revolutionaries, we must acknowledge that we have an obligation to succeed in pursuing revolution. Here, we must acknowledge not only the power of our enemies, but our own power as well. Realizing the nature of our power, we must not deny ourselves the exercise of the options available to us; we must utilize surprise, cunning and flexibility; we must use the strength of the enemy to undo him, keeping him confused and off-balance. We must organize with perfect clarity to be utterly unpredictable. When our enemies expect us to respond to provocation with violence, we must react calmly and peacefully; just as they anticipate our passivity, we must throw a grenade."~Kwame Ture

On November 15, 1998 Kwame Ture Ascended To The Ancestors So In Honor....

Why Was Kwame Ture's Life So Valuable To Humanity?

In all his activities Kwame was concerned that historical and philosophical truth be told. He understood that this was an absolute prerequisite to the positive development of the African personality, and thus critical to achievement of Pan-Africanism. HIS SINGLE GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT WAS HIS WORK BUILDING the All-African People's Revolutionary Party. The All-African People's Revolutionary Party was the brainchild of our eternal guide, OSAGYEFO KWAME NKRUMAH. So in a real sense, it is the continued growth and development of the All-African People's Revolutionary Party that will define the true legacy of Kwame's work and study.

Kwame was always in the forefront of the struggle for elemental democratic rights and improvement in the quality of life. As a young High School activist, Kwame worked diligently in opposition to the undemocratic activities of the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC). Tops on this list for Kwame was the termination of HUAC's persecution of the brilliant scholar, political activist, and entertainer, Paul Robeson.

When he was Student Government President at Howard University his administration organized and sponsored the first appearance of Omowale Malcolm X at that august institution. This effectively broke the unspoken, unofficial quarantine of Malcolm on "traditionally black" college campuses.

Kwame was a conscientious colleague to many outstanding individuals, most particularly the great theologians, such as Dr. M.L. King, Jr., the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and heroic mass political, civil and civic leaders such as our young ancestor Fannie Lou Hammer.

It was the erudite scholar and Pan-African warrior, Dr. Shirley G. DuBois, who facilitated the revolutionary tutelage of Kwame under our revered ancestors Seku Ture and Kwame Nkrumah. In doing so Kwame was able to materialize the advice given to him by the venerable Viet Namese leader Ho Chi Minh. This great man correctly encouraged Kwame to repatriate to mother Africa.

His lifetime commitment to our liberation facilitated strong working relationships with many other conscious beings of our era. A short list would include all the individuals mentioned previously and many others such as:

American Indian leaders such as Vernon Bellecourte, Bill Means, and Dennis Banks

Chicano/Mejicano patriots such as Reyes Tiejerinos and Rodolpho Corky Gonzalez

Other great fighters for national liberation such as Yasser Arafat, Bernadette Devlin, and the immortal Fidel Castro.

The many movements and organizations Kwame worked with includes such stellar entities as;

the Democratic Party of Guinea, Pan-Africanist Congress, AZAPO, Black Consciousness Movement, the New Jewel Movement, the National Joint Action Committee, the Indigenous Sovereignty Movement in occupied "Australia", SNCC, the Black Panther Party movement and many others

heroic non-African parties and movements struggling for democracy and equality in the world, including but not limited to: the Syrian and Iraqi Bath parties, the worker's party of revolutionary Korea (colloquially known as North Korea), Puerto Rican Socialist Party, the Irish Republican Movement and many others

All this contributed to the immense encyclopaedia - like knowledge of people's struggle Kwame possessed. His avocational and vocational careers reflected this proud background. Even up to the point of his physical death he was in the forefront of the struggle against Zionism and imperialism. He spent most of the last few weeks of his life working to break the Zionist control of various African institutions and certain critical individuals such as Julian Bond and for an All-African United Front; and in opposition to the amoral sanctions against states such as Libya, Iraq, and Cuba, and the diverting of this kind of negative international actions into true democracy and full economic prosperity for all the peoples.


"If you're deaf, dumb, and blind to what's happening in the world, you're under no obligation to do anything. But if you know what's happening and you don't do anything but sit on your ass, then you're nothing but a punk" - Assata Shakur

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