Friday, December 11, 2009

Video: Jimmie Lunceford Brass Note Presentation On Beale Street

Brad Luttrell/The Commercial Appeal

James Thompson, president of the Manassas High School Alumni Association, accepts the Walk of Fame brass note for Jimmie Lunceford on Beale Street on Sunday. 7/19/2009

Tha Artivist Says: I Stumbled Across This Video While Doing My Purpose…I am glad that the efforts of many not named in this presentation, including yours truly, has lead to this moment of clarity this past summer, 7/19/2009, on Beale Street...I would have been there but I was en route driving back to Memphis from Knoxville and missed it by 30 minutes…The weird thing was it was hard to tell that a ceremony took place at all…When I talked to the folks and vendors in the vicinity they acted like I was from Mars and said nothing took place…However, one art vendor told me recognition for the late great Jimmie Lunceford was long overdue…Indeed…Also it is strange that some of the folks present were not active in helping me resolve the issue over two years ago when I sought them out…The Lord works and moves in mysterious ways and you can’t always tell what is in the hearts and minds of men…But there is so much be done…Jimmie Lunceford is truly a legacy of visionary activism not of stagnation or static…Rhythm not awards was his business! He was constantly on the move trying to innovate the music while at the same time trying to elevate his audience…The Jimmie Lunceford Jamboree Festival Movement represents some of the best of that legacy as we are actively trying to get Jimmie Lunceford’s legacy off of life support and back in the arena of honor in the hearts, minds and everyday lives of the people as it deserves to be…Will you join in this ensemble for progressive change?


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