Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Top Ten Lessons To Learn From Noah’s Ark

Top Ten Lessons To Learn From Noah’s Ark

1) Whatever you do, pay attention that you do not miss the boat.

2) Remember that you are not alone because everyone is in the same boat with you.

3) You need to look into the future and plan for it. Remember that when Noah started building the ark, it had not started raining.

4) Keep healthy and fit because even when you have reached the golden age of six-hundred years, someone might approach you and ask you to perform something really big, grand and important.

5) Ignore those that criticize you and instead just keep your eye on the job that you need to get done.

6) Build your future on a very high ground.

7) If you wish to be safe, always travel in pairs.

8) Though you might think that speed is a great advantage, it is not necessarily so because on Noah’s Ark the cheetahs were on the same boat with the snails.

9) Feeling stressed out? Float around for a while.

10) Note that while the Ark was built by an amateur, the Titanic was built by professionals.

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