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Air Date: Weds. February 16, 2011

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topic:  "The Injustice Files" Preview Show With Keith Beauchamp

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Our Featured & Honorable Guests... 
1.) Bro. Keith Beauchamp

2.) Bro. Alvin Sykes, Legendary Cold Case Justice Advocate
& The Architect Of The Emmett Till Bill

3.) Sis. Jas Bailey, NOLA Activist & Proud Extremist

4.) Sis. Margaret Block, 2010 W.E. A.L.L. B.E. Artivist Of The Year & Freedom Fighter Extraordinaire (Left)



Dear Family and Friends,

May this email find you in the best of spirit and good health.

It's been some time since I spoken to many of you, but when you're on a mission you often get sidetracked.  I'm writing you today to share my current TV Series with you entitled, "The Injustice Files" which begins airing on Friday, Feb. 18, 2011 on Investigation Discovery.  The series is Executive Produced by CBS News' Susan Zirinsky and her talented crew of CBS 48 Hours and CBS Eye Too Productions for Investigation Discovery.

This project is the extension of my life's work and the passion that the 'Creator' has instilled in me to continue to speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves.

I want to thank you for your past support and time and hope that you will share this historic moment with me. Please help spread the word by sending this email to family and friends.


Keith A. Beauchamp
Executive Producer/Host
"The Injustice Files"

About "The Injustice Files"

The Injustice Files - Shining A Light On Key FBI Civil Rights-Era Cold Cases

In February 2007, the FBI officially launched a new investigative effort called the Civil Rights-Era Cold Case Initiative, which was tasked with taking a fresh look at racially-motivated homicide investigations that occurred prior to 1970. Since then, over 100 cold cases have been identified for this initiative.

In an effort to bring attention to these important investigations, critically-acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Keith Beauchamp, the host of Investigation Discovery's The Injustice Files, combs through records; interviews family members, witnesses and investigators; and pieces together the known facts of each case. He attempts to interview potential suspects and individuals who may know who was responsible for these murders, sometimes confronting them in their driveways after attempts to contact them for interviews prove unsuccessful.

Cynthia Deitle, Unit Chief for the Civil Rights Unit of the FBI, is interviewed throughout the show and she provides context to the ongoing efforts the FBI has dedicated to bringing closure to cases included in the Civil Rights-Era Cold Case Initiative. As Beauchamp explores the stories behind these horrific crimes, Unit Chief Deitle hopes the additional attention for these cases might provide new leads and witnesses willing to share information that may lead to finding who is ultimately responsible. Time has passed, witnesses have disappeared and memories have faded, but Beauchamp's efforts are developing new opportunities for justice to be served.

Episode Guide - Explore The Cases Under Investigation In The Injustice Files

The Secrets of Natchez - World Premiere: Friday, February 18 at 9PM ET

After taking a promotion at the Armstrong Tire and Rubber Factory in Natchez, Mississippi, Wharlest Jackson, father of five and treasurer for the local chapter of the NAACP, was murdered with a car bomb. Hearing the explosion, Wharlest Jackson's son rode his bike to the scene of the crime and unfortunately witnessed the results of this sophisticated murder plot.

The Ghosts of Bogalusa - World Premiere: Friday, February 25 at 9PM ET

The first two African-American police officers in Bogalusa, Louisiana were gunned down while on patrol. Deputy Sheriff Oneal Moore died instantly, but Deputy Sheriff David Creed Rogers was able to call in a description of the pick-up truck used in the drive-by shooting.

He Walked Alone - World Premiere: Friday, March 4 at 9PM ET

William Lewis Moore was an activist who planned a peaceful protest -- a solo Freedom Walk from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Jackson, Mississippi to hand deliver a letter to the Governor of Mississippi urging for full human rights to African Americans. Despite friends, family and law enforcement warning him about the dangers of the journey, Moore started his walk, which ended when his body was found on the side of a road in Alabama. 

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